Throwback Thursday: Snow Gear

’Twas the season to indulge, friends, but henceforth ’tis the season to atone. Throughout the month of January, we’ll be bringing you all sorts of Wellness Realness—information and inspiration you can use to get out of lax mode and into good-for-you mode. Or, at least, to stop eating cookies for lunch and skipping your morning run.

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If you haven’t geared up for snowboarding season yet, head over to our Snow Shop—and start jotting down favorites for your holiday wish list.

A couple weeks ago, we took a look at original extreme skier Scot Schmidt. Today, let’s check out two of Burton’s top boarders: living legend Terje Haakonsen (known for his fluid style in the most unforgiving terrain) and young gun Shaun White (whose historic perfect-100 score from the 2012 X Games is documented below).

A dominant boarder of the early ’90s as well as today, Terje Haakonsen, accompanied by up-and-comer John Jackson, waxes philosophic on the art of slicing up a mountain.
(Find the Burton movie Thirteen on iTunes.)

More Haakonsen, including some pulse-quickening first-person footage.
(Find the Burton movie Standing Sideways on iTunes.)

Shaun White at Northstar-at-Tahoe, in California. (Shop items from Burton’s White Collection.)

Shaun White five-peats and scores the first-ever 100.00 in SuperPipe at the 2012 Winter X Games.




[Videos courtesy of Burton Snowboards and X Games. Individuals featured do not endorse Nordstrom.]


Excited to hit the slopes this ski and snowboard season? Look no further: From jackets and hats to gloves and boots, our new Snow Shop has everything you need—including mind-blowing winter inspiration via the world’s preeminent outdoor brands. Check out Scot Schmidt—godfather of extreme skiing, and the sport’s first-ever endorsed athlete after The North Face got a hold of him in 1983—in the video above, as well as the vintage ski pics below.

L: Photo by Gary Brettnacher, 1993 | R: Photo by Scott Markewitz, 1990

Photo by Hank de Vre, 1985

Schmidt (L) with fellow freestyle skier Glen Plake (sans-mohawk)
in a still from Greg Stump’s 1988 ski film The Blizzard of AAHHH’s.




[Video courtesy of The North Face. First three photos courtesy of Powder Magazine; fourth photo via Skinet/Warren Miller Entertainment, courtesy of Greg Stump Productions. Individuals pictured do not endorse Nordstrom.]

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