Stan Smith

How to layer for spring? Nordstrom senior stylist Jodi Taylor has the answers.


Images by Nordstrom art directors Bobby Kelly and Kari Pearson

Modeling/kickflipping by BenadriLL

The styling here is about the proportional balance of the outfit. The bomber is normal length, meaning relatively short, but the shirt is longer. And the pants are cropped. Notice how the shirt works with the bookending jacket and pants. It’s harmonious to alternate lengths like that. If everything were short and cropped, the pieces would be competing. It would be too much. And as a general guideline, you don’t want anything to hit halfway down your body. This look roughly sticks to the rule of thirds, which is pleasing to the eye.

–Jodi Taylor

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There’s an argument to be made that classics ought never be tampered with. But sometimes that argument does not hold. Check these two cases in point.

Above, variations on the timeless, iconic adidas Stan Smith tennis shoe with vaguely nautical details: vulcanized rubber sole; optional canvas construction. Crisp and clean.

Below, another take by legendary streetwear designer Nigo, starring a vintage-toned sole and velcro straps. 1970s-esque.


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throwback thursday

Images by Studio N

Introducing the waviest streetwear/outdoor gear we’ve ever seen: the new capsule collaboration between Barbour and White Mountaineering. We’re biased because we sell it, but believe us when we tell you we love this stuff.

That anorak with those Timberlands? Too clean! The image above shows a Complete Look made by our stylists at Studio N. And if you thought that jacket might also look good with Stan Smiths, another of our Complete Looks confirms you are correct.

For the inside scoop on the English/Japanese team-up, we reached out to Barbour’s head of menswear, Ian Bergin, and White Mountaineering creative director Yosuke Aizawa.

throwback thursday

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Time was, only sneakerheads demanded spotless athletic footwear. You could find them obsessively toothbrushing their Jordans indoors while regular people walked through mud puddles outside. But now we all understand, with clean sneakers increasingly a part of our daily style and the adidas Stan Smith trending hard (the classic version best worn WHITE like burning magnesium)–freshness is a must when you care about your sneakers. So: How to keep your white sneakers white? It takes a little elbow grease. And tools.

Los Angeles-based Jason Markk is the go-to name in sneaker-cleaning for a reason: the brand’s stylish brushes, microfiber towels, protective sprays and cleaning fluids (made from coconut and jojoba extracts) get the job done handily, enabling you to breathe a sigh of relief the next time someone smudges your Smiths–or god forbid, the white suede on your Sambas.

The man himself was a cool customer on the phone–that would be Jason Mark Angsuvarn, aka JBoy, entrepreneur and also DJ in the Moodswing Crew going back to ’96. He shared a little backstory and a lot of useful info:

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The year was 1978, and in the Nordstrom catalog you could find photos of adidas athletic shoes to wear while serving straight aces and Nikes for getting your Prefontaine on. We still offer shoes that look pretty much the same–and in some cases literally the same–because some designs are classic.

adidas ‘Stan Smith’

Nike ‘Air Pegasus’
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