Street Etiquette at NYFW FW13

As Joshua Kissi and Travis Gumbs of Street Etiquette (along with ace photographer Joshua Woods) wrap up their visually stunning New York Fashion Week photo journal for the Nordstrom Men’s Shop, the guys were kind enough to send over the video retrospective above. You might recognize some of the week’s more memorable imagery—the symphony of lights at Moncler, Josh’s vintage military coat, the girl in the lion skirt—but seeing it all in motion, with a buzzing NYC as the backdrop, feels even more like you’re right there living it.

Once you’re done vicariously visiting NYFW above, keep your earphones in for the added bonus below: an excerpt from Joshua Kissi’s iPod during the hectic week of hitting shows, shooting photos, and living to tell the tale.

From Joshua: “Music plays a grand part in my life. Depending on my mood, it may be something upbeat or slow, lyrics or instrumental. Either way, music starts and ends my days, and was an integral part of keeping up with the fashion week madness.”

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[NYFW video courtesy of Street Etiquette.
Photos throughout the project by Street Etiquette and Joshua Woods.]

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Presenting our next installment of New York Fashion Week dress code, favorite shows and street-style spottings—by Joshua Kissi and Travis Gumbs of Street Etiquette, exclusively for Nordstrom and Men’s Shop Daily.

From Joshua: “It was great to see a day full of menswear, reinterpreted from two different perspectives. On one hand, we had Mark McNairy, which is more of a streetwear, menswear-esque brand—then Michael Bastian, who sticks more to the ‘fashion’ side of things. A great balance, if you ask me.”

Inspired by Travis’ Look:
Wool Coats | Lightweight Jackets (worn underneath) | Pants | Baseball Caps | Oxford Shoes
[Travis’ Zanerobe jacket, and pants similar to his Zanerobe pants, are available now.]

Inspired by Joshua’s Look:
Leather Jackets | Denim Shirts | Scarves | Pants | BraceletsSaddle Shoes
[Pants similar to Joshua’s Zanerobe pants are available now.]

Joshua’s favorite looks from Mark McNairy New Amsterdam.
Shop similar: Trench Coats | Suits | Vests | Chukkas

…And his favorites from Michael Bastian. Shop the current collection: Michael Bastian

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[Photos by Street Etiquette; Runway shots via]


Continued highlights from our @NordstromMen Instagram feed, as captured by Street Etiquette’s Joshua Kissi and Travis Gumbs during New York Fashion Week.

Of note: Joshua Woods capturing street style (above), Justin Bridges of TuckedStyle (below left), and a couple of Joshua K.’s favorite pieces from the Nordstrom Men’s Shop—courtesy of Zanerobe and Marshall Artist.

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Stay tuned to Men’s Shop Daily as we continue to recap the goings-on of New York Fashion Week through the eyes of our friends Joshua Kissi and Travis Gumbs of Street Etiquette.

From Joshua: “Even with rain throughout the day, we were excited to be out and about during NYFW. The highlight of the day goes to our good friends William Okpo, produced by Lizzy and Darlene Okpo, two amazing friends of ours with an amazing womenswear clothing line.”

Inspired by Joshua’s look (the red DB blazer in back):
Sportcoats | Hoodies | Track Pants | Sneakers

Inspired by Travis’ Look:
Vests | Suits & Blazers | Beanies | Oxfords

Joshua Woods (left) is the man behind many of the painterly images you’ve seen throughout our Street Etiquette at NYFW coverage.

William Okpo. See Joshua K.’s notes above.

See more photos of the MM6 Maison Martin Margiela show on our sister blog, The Thread.

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[Photos by Street Etiquette and Joshua Woods.]


Highlights from our @NordstromMen Instagram feed, as captured by Street Etiquette’s Joshua Kissi and Travis Gumbs during New York Fashion Week.

Of note: Jean-Michel Basquiat’s final painting (from the show Josh and Travis took in at NYC’s Gagosian Gallery), master street photographer Tommy Ton in leopard, and the cinematic presentations of Moncler and J. Press York Street (designed by Ovadia & Sons)—the latter of which lands soon at the Nordstrom Men’s Shop.

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Our coverage of New York Fashion Week through the eyes of Travis Gumbs (left) and Joshua Kissi of Street Etiquette continues below. Catch up on previous installments here and here.

From Joshua: “Today’s J. Press York Street collection was a great presentation, adding to what it means to commemorate traditional American prep attire while still pushing the envelope. The prep style happens to be one of our main influences, so it’s great to see it presented in such an array of looks. Public School, on the other hand, took care of the street-casual department, with a lot of dark colors and leather to inspire your cool next fall and winter.”

Inspired by Travis’ Look:
Leather Jackets | Beanies | Scarves | Ties | Oxfords

Inspired by Joshua’s Look:
Trenches & Overcoats | Zip-Up Sweaters | Camo Pants | Sneakers | Bags

J. Press York Street (designed by Ariel and Shimon Ovadia of Ovadia & Sons)—coming soon to the Nordstrom Men’s Shop.
[Click smaller images to enlarge.]

Trekking between shows. If we’re not mistaken, that’s Nico of Nickel Cobalt in the navy poncho.

NY Knick Carmelo Anthony (left), self-promoting at the Public School presentation.

Hood By Air, where rapper A$AP Rocky closed the show. [Click small images to enlarge.]

Scenes from outside Milk Studios and around NYC. [Click smaller images above to enlarge.]


[Photos by Street Etiquette and Joshua Woods.]


Day 2 of New York Fashion Week was a wash on account of snow—but our intrepid NYFW correspondents, Joshua Kissi and Travis Gumbs of Street Etiquette, were back at it the following day. Check out their gear, photos, and favorite show below—and in case you missed it over the weekend, catch up on Day 1 of their NYFW Photo Journal.

From Joshua: Moncler’s presentation was by far one of my favorite I’ve seen during this Fashion Week—and maybe ever, to be perfectly honest. It was a true experience to those who attended. We were greeted with glasses of white wine and finger foods. The show’s combination of daunting musical renditions and amazing light fixtures made it one to remember!”

Inspired by Joshua’s Look:
Utility Jackets | Scarves | White Jeans | Wingtip Boots | Bracelets
[Shop Joshua’s Florsheim boots and Marshall Artist jacket.]

Highlights from Joshua’s favorite show of the day: Moncler.

Inspired by Travis’ Look:
Trenches & Overcoats | Beanies | Sweaters | Pants
[Shop Travis’ Zanerobe sweatpants.]

[Photos by Street Etiquette and Joshua Woods.]


This weekend’s forecast at New York Fashion Week calls for serious snow. Here are the latest @NordstromMen Instagram pics from Joshua and Travis of Street Etiquette, from before the blizzard hit.

[That’s Joshua on the left, Travis third from left, and rapper Theophilus London to the right of him.]

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After offering you a glimpse on Instagram, the first bona fide batch of dailies from our friends Joshua Kissi and Travis Gumbs of Street Etiquette is in—and as one might expect, their vision of New York Fashion Week is as nonchalantly stunning as everything else they do. Follow their Day 1 journey below, from cab rides to runways to impeccable people-watching, and stay tuned for more from Street Etiquette at NYFW.

From Joshua: “The first day of fashion week started with a bang, from street style to the runways. We started early at 9am with a showing of Todd Snyder’s Fall 2013 men’s collection. After our fifth season or so of attending the festivities, we see it’s something that people both dread [due to the hectic schedule] and admire. We’re excited for the remaining days of fashion week!”

Inspired by Joshua’s Look:
Trenches & Overcoats | Shawl-Collar Sweaters | Camo Pants | Monk-Strap Shoes

Inspired by Travis’ Look:
Hats | Insulated Coats | Lightweight Jackets | Hoodies | Pants | Wingtips
 [Travis’ Zanerobe Pants are available now. His red Barbour jacket will be available on later this month—but for now, shop more from Barbour.]

Highlights from Richard Chai Love.


[Photos by Street Etiquette and Joshua Woods.]


New York Fashion Week: It has begun, and with it, our exclusive content collaboration with Joshua Kissi and Travis Gumbs of Street Etiquette. Below is a first-day glimpse from our Men’s Shop Instagram feed, where the guys are taking control for the hectic week ahead.

Keep it here for much more from Joshua and Travis in the days to come—including daily breakdowns of their killer personal style—and in case you missed it, check out our introduction to Street Etiquette from earlier this week.

Joshua’s captions—clockswise from top left:

“Joshua from @streetetiquette ringing in for our first post on Nordstrom’s IG account.”
“Richard Chai this morning.”
“@TravisGumbs layering technique.”
“Met these lovely ladies today around Lincoln Center, and they also have an incredible blog.”


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