Street Etiquette at NYFW

Presenting the sights of New York Fashion Week as seen through the eyes of Joshua Kissi and Travis Gumbs of Street Etiquette. Today, they soak up the visuals that occur off the runway, on the streets outside the shows.

From Joshua: “Style and fashion are not just encapsulated for one week in February or one week in September—it happens every day. And it’s not just downtown. It’s not just uptown. It’s not just Brooklyn. It’s all over the place. Getting inspiration from people on the street is one of the biggest things for us.” [Excerpted from our recent Q&A.]

Joshua’s soundtrack for the day. Check out his playlist from last Fashion Week here.

From left: photographer Joshua Woods with Travis and Joshua of Street Etiquette.

Inspired by Joshua W.’s Look: Suits & Sportcoats | Dress Shirts | Hats | Sunglasses | Bags | Oxfords
Inspired by Travis’s Look: Casual Shirts | Jeans | Snapbacks | Wingtips
Inspired by Joshua K.’s Look: T-Shirts | Patterned Pants | Monk Straps | Jewelry

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– Exclusive SE Video + Q&A


[Photos by Street Etiquette.]


Presenting the sights of New York Fashion Week as seen through the eyes of Joshua Kissi and Travis Gumbs of Street Etiquette. Learn more about them here and here.

From Joshua: “Great shows today, from experimental menswear by Luar Zepol, with Matrix-inspired gear and the usage of panel-lined shirts and pants, to Billy Reid, where models stomped onto the runway to the beat of a soulful, live brass band in a Southern-styled courtyard. Very enjoyable!”

Inspired by Joshua’s Look:
Jean Jackets | T-ShirtsJeans | Bags | Bracelets | SneakersDenim on Denim

Joshua’s soundtrack for the day. More of Street Etiquette’s thoughts on music here.

Inspired by Joshua’s Look: Leather Jackets | Camo | Black Jeans | Loafers [as seen here]
Pictured above: The runway show for global design project Concept Korea.

Inspired by Travis’s Look: Coats & Jackets | Polo Shirts
Selvedge Denim | Boots | Hats | Bags
Pictured above: Excitable crowd at the Rag & Bone show. See it up close on The Thread.

Below, Josh and Travis attended the Alabama-meets-NYC rooftop party known as Billy Reid Spring ’14. Read our recent Q&A with Billy, and shop his Fall ’13 collection here: Billy Reid.

Part I of this series
Last season’s NYFW coverage
Exclusive SE Video + Q&A


[Photos by Street Etiquette.]


Here’s a recap of the latest from our NYC correspondents Street Etiquette, via their Fashion-Week Instagram journal exclusively for @NordstromMen. Stay tuned for more visuals from their recent New York Fashion Week endeavors in the days to come.

[Above: Street Etiquette’s Joshua Kissi wears a camo shirt by Hugo Boss,
black coated jeans, and loafers by Sperry Top-Sider.]

L: Leather weather with @NateBui.
R: Raw denim sighting at the G-Star Raw presentation.

L: Stylish reads—perusing the official photo book outside Street Etiquette’s Slumflower exhibit.
R: Taking in the shows. Pictured: global design project Concept Korea.

L: Street-style tones with artist and Street Etiquette collaborator Cleon Grey.
R: Jazz and prep at NYC’s Lincoln Center.

Taking a break from the hectic Fashion Week schedule to enjoy the NYC city view.


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Amidst world travels, presenting their own clothing line at the recent menswear tradeshows, and debuting an art installation based on their first short film, the multitalented men behind acclaimed website Street Etiquette (Travis Gumbs, above, and Joshua Kissi, below) still found time to document the visual spectacle known as New York Fashion Week in collaboration with Nordstrom Men’s Shop.

Here, enjoy part 1 of NYFW as seen through the eyes of two preeminent authorities on the future of men’s style—including a look at what’s next from one of our favorite American designers, Todd Snyder.

[For more, catch up on last season’s SE @ NYFW coverage.]

Inspired by Joshua’s look: T-shirts | Cargo Pants | Sneakers | Bracelets
Joshua’s recommendation for the day’s playlist.
Read more on Street Etiquette’s musical predilections here.

Travis of Street Etiquette (left) and stylist Keino Benjamin.

Inspired by Travis’s look: Jackets | Jeans | Short-Sleeve Shirts | Hats | Boots
(Travis’s boots are by Dr. Martens—shop similar here.)

Inspired by Keino’s look: Leather Jackets | Sunglasses | Black Jeans

Indie NYC brand L’Enchanteur.

Inspired by Joshua’s look: Distressed Jeans | Henleys | Tote Bags | Boots
Inspired by Travis’s look: Denim on Denim | Shorts | Sneakers

Joshua of Street Etiquette and photographer Justin Bridges of Tucked Style.

From left: artist Cleon Grey, Jerry St. Aubin, photographer Joshua Woods
(who contributed to our previous SE @ NYFW series).

Chucks—the classics endure.

Below, Josh and Travis had the chance to get up-close and personal with Todd Snyder’s Spring 2014 collection. Read our recent Q&A with Todd, and shop his Fall collection here: Todd Snyder. [Click small images to enlarge.]


– Last season’s NYFW coverage
– Exclusive SE Video + Q&A


[Photos by Street Etiquette.]


As hinted at in our recent Q&A, our good friends Joshua Kissi and Travis Gumbs of Street Etiquette are back to cover the stylish mayhem known as New York Fashion Week once again.

Seen here are initial installments from our own @NordstromMen Instagram feed, where you can continue to see NYFW through the Street Etiquette gents’ eyes in the days to come. Stay tuned to Men’s Shop Daily for more from our Street Etiquette x Nordstrom collaboration coming soon.

L: The epic beard and immaculate street style of @EliSoul01.
R: A first glimpse at the spring/summer 2014 offering from Todd Snyder.

L: Fashion-week wingtips on the feet of @ReallySL.
R: Shadowy style courtesy of @DapperLou.

L: Cameras and camo, two fashion-week essentials.
R: Note to self: Think black, white and beige for next spring. [At the @PublicSchoolNYC presentation.]

L: Huge congrats on our Street Etiquette friends’ first gallery showing: Slumflower.
R: Killer madras and a classic cap, sported by @LavishLivez.


As Joshua Kissi and Travis Gumbs of Street Etiquette (along with ace photographer Joshua Woods) wrap up their visually stunning New York Fashion Week photo journal for the Nordstrom Men’s Shop, the guys were kind enough to send over the video retrospective above. You might recognize some of the week’s more memorable imagery—the symphony of lights at Moncler, Josh’s vintage military coat, the girl in the lion skirt—but seeing it all in motion, with a buzzing NYC as the backdrop, feels even more like you’re right there living it.

Once you’re done vicariously visiting NYFW above, keep your earphones in for the added bonus below: an excerpt from Joshua Kissi’s iPod during the hectic week of hitting shows, shooting photos, and living to tell the tale.

From Joshua: “Music plays a grand part in my life. Depending on my mood, it may be something upbeat or slow, lyrics or instrumental. Either way, music starts and ends my days, and was an integral part of keeping up with the fashion week madness.”

—or rewind to a specific post: Day 1 | Day 3 | Day 4 | Day 5 | Day 6 | Intro 


[NYFW video courtesy of Street Etiquette.
Photos throughout the project by Street Etiquette and Joshua Woods.]

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Presenting our next installment of New York Fashion Week dress code, favorite shows and street-style spottings—by Joshua Kissi and Travis Gumbs of Street Etiquette, exclusively for Nordstrom and Men’s Shop Daily.

From Joshua: “It was great to see a day full of menswear, reinterpreted from two different perspectives. On one hand, we had Mark McNairy, which is more of a streetwear, menswear-esque brand—then Michael Bastian, who sticks more to the ‘fashion’ side of things. A great balance, if you ask me.”

Inspired by Travis’ Look:
Wool Coats | Lightweight Jackets (worn underneath) | Pants | Baseball Caps | Oxford Shoes
[Travis’ Zanerobe jacket, and pants similar to his Zanerobe pants, are available now.]

Inspired by Joshua’s Look:
Leather Jackets | Denim Shirts | Scarves | Pants | BraceletsSaddle Shoes
[Pants similar to Joshua’s Zanerobe pants are available now.]

Joshua’s favorite looks from Mark McNairy New Amsterdam.
Shop similar: Trench Coats | Suits | Vests | Chukkas

…And his favorites from Michael Bastian. Shop the current collection: Michael Bastian

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[Photos by Street Etiquette; Runway shots via]


Continued highlights from our @NordstromMen Instagram feed, as captured by Street Etiquette’s Joshua Kissi and Travis Gumbs during New York Fashion Week.

Of note: Joshua Woods capturing street style (above), Justin Bridges of TuckedStyle (below left), and a couple of Joshua K.’s favorite pieces from the Nordstrom Men’s Shop—courtesy of Zanerobe and Marshall Artist.

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Stay tuned to Men’s Shop Daily as we continue to recap the goings-on of New York Fashion Week through the eyes of our friends Joshua Kissi and Travis Gumbs of Street Etiquette.

From Joshua: “Even with rain throughout the day, we were excited to be out and about during NYFW. The highlight of the day goes to our good friends William Okpo, produced by Lizzy and Darlene Okpo, two amazing friends of ours with an amazing womenswear clothing line.”

Inspired by Joshua’s look (the red DB blazer in back):
Sportcoats | Hoodies | Track Pants | Sneakers

Inspired by Travis’ Look:
Vests | Suits & Blazers | Beanies | Oxfords

Joshua Woods (left) is the man behind many of the painterly images you’ve seen throughout our Street Etiquette at NYFW coverage.

William Okpo. See Joshua K.’s notes above.

See more photos of the MM6 Maison Martin Margiela show on our sister blog, The Thread.

Catch up on previous installments of Street Etiquette @ NYFW:
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[Photos by Street Etiquette and Joshua Woods.]


Highlights from our @NordstromMen Instagram feed, as captured by Street Etiquette’s Joshua Kissi and Travis Gumbs during New York Fashion Week.

Of note: Jean-Michel Basquiat’s final painting (from the show Josh and Travis took in at NYC’s Gagosian Gallery), master street photographer Tommy Ton in leopard, and the cinematic presentations of Moncler and J. Press York Street (designed by Ovadia & Sons)—the latter of which lands soon at the Nordstrom Men’s Shop.

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