Hot weather’s officially upon us, and with it, the perennial question arises of how to look your best without breaking a sweat.

Keep reading to find out what to wear—and drink, and take pictures with—at an outdoor concert. We’ve taken the liberty of prepping you for two potential circumstances: a gruelingly gratifying 72-hour festival, and a night of bar-hopping and backstage debauchery.

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Hot weather’s officially upon us, and with it, the perennial question arises of how to look your best without breaking a sweat.

Keep reading to find out what to wear—and drink, and listen to, and marinate with—on the auspicious (and happily, pretty much inevitable) occasion of a backyard barbecue. We’ve taken the liberty of prepping you for two potential circumstances: cocktails on the patio and burgers on the lawn.

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We’re intrigued by the overcast, introspective side of Ezekiel captured by 19-year-old photographer Michael Cukr for the California brand’s summer lookbook. (Reminds us of home here in Seattle—where it happens to be sunny and 70 today, by the way).

Read a Q&A with the photographer on Ezekiel’s site, and check out Cukr’s portfolio for much more.

Young Master: Diving further into Cukr’s body of work, we’re seriously digging everything from his intimate portraits to abstract surf shots. Check out a few favorites below, and more here.




You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know that neither shampoo nor conditioner is inherently better. As one of the great comedic actors of our time elucidates so eloquently below, both serve their own separate and equally important purpose. (Although neither should be used every day. Fluffy hair is not your friend. Check GQ for more hair tips.)

Having cleared up that particular debate, the rest of the ever-expanding world of men’s grooming isn’t quite so cut and dry. We won’t call it rocket science—but we will say that a few insider tips can help immensely. Below, three of our in-store grooming experts break down their Sun, Skin, and Scent essentials for the summer months ahead.

I. SUN: Protect Yourself
(Picks by James Webb of Nordstrom Fashion Valley, San Diego. From left):

Kiehl’s Since 1851 ‘Facial Fuel UV Guard’ Sunscreen SPF 50. “Great to use when I know I’m going to be a little more active and will be in the sun for a much longer time. The oil-free formula feels amazing and has a matte finish.” (Shop: Kiehl’s SPF 50 | All Kiehl’s for Men)

Clinique for Men Age Defense Hydrator SPF 15. “When I’m in a hurry, this is my go-to, all-in-one face lotion with broad-spectrum SPF protection. This product is great for all skin types and sensitive skin. Great for skin that has seen a little to much sun. Great for guys on the go.” (Shop: Clinique for Men Age Defense | All Clinique for Men)

Shiseido ‘Urban Environment’ Oil-Free UV Protector SPF 42. “I love the texture and feel of this particular SPF. I have oily skin, and this is my favorite to use under my daily lotion. It doesn’t make me shiny or feel like I’m wearing too many products.” (Shop: Shiseido SPF 42 | All Shiseido)


II. SKIN: Soften Up
(Picks by Herbert Jones of Nordstrom Short Pump Town Center, Richmond, VA. From left):

Jack Black ‘Epic Moisture’ MP 10 Nourishing Oil. “This multi-purpose oil can be used for your face, body, hair, feet, and even cuticles. It’s amazing because it absorbs into the skin immediately and includes TEN natural oils.” (Shop: Jack Black Epic Moisture | All Jack Black)

L’Occitane CADE After Shave Balm. “Organic Cade wood essential oil soothes and softens the skin without leaving behind a residue—plus, it has a great scent.” (Shop: L’Occitane CADE After Shave | All L’Occitane for Men)


III. SCENT: Spritz with Sprezz
(Picks by Duncan Smith of Nordstrom Westside Pavilion, Los Angeles. From left):

Prada Luna Rossa. “Inspired by and named after the America’s Cup sailboat, this is a great summer getaway fragrance. Light and relaxing, with lavender, bitter orange, mint and a hint of musk, this fragrance is sure to keep any man smelling fresh.” (Shop: Prada ‘Luna Rossa’ | All Prada Men’s Fragrances)

Hermès Eau de Mandarine Ambrée. “A must-have fragrance coming into the hot summer months. Mandarin orange and passion fruit make this fragrance invigorating, while the amber base keeps it masculine.” (Shop: Hermès Eau de Mandarine Ambrée | All Hermès Men’s Grooming)

Givenchy Gentlemen Only. “Sophisticated and sexy for all of the evening outings this summer. A modern, woodsy fragrance with dominant notes of incense, vetiver, pink pepper, and patchouli, this fragrance has a fresh spice that will last through the night and stay right on-point.” (Shop: Givenchy ‘Gentlemen Only’ | More Men’s Fragrances with Woodsy Notes)


Your trusty men’s grooming correspondents: James, Herbert, and Duncan.
Want to work one-on-one with a grooming expert near you?
Call 1.877.310.8537 or click here: Personal Stylists


For more sun, skin and scent essentials,


Need to look your best at an important event? Want to tweak your wardrobe with key updates each season? Or maybe you just want some quick advice during your lunch break.

No matter your style goals, our expert Personal Stylists are here to help. Their services are free of charge, so read up on what they can do and don’t hesitate to book an appointment today.

For this month’s Personal Stylist post, we asked Ash Gharib, a Stylist at our Tysons Corner store in Virginia, to pull four summer weekend looks—on a tight timeline and strict budget. He aced our challenge on all counts, with each item clocking in at well under $100:

1. Earn Your Stripes. “Mixing prints gives a fresh new spin on your outfit; just keep the prints in the same color family. In this look, I paired navy patterned shorts with a lightweight, nautical-inspired shirt. Adding a hat helps tie it all together.”
1901 Star-Print Shorts, $59.50 | Glory Hats by Goorin, $29.50 | Vince Long-Sleeve T-shirt, $68

2. Camo 101. “Yes! Camo is here to stay—and it’s everywhere: Pants, belts, backpacks, etc. For starters, here is your basic camo pant. Orange complements the camo print perfectly. Add a casual graphic T-shirt, and accessories like this green bracelet.”
RVCA T-shirt, $24 | Zack Bracelet, $42 | Bill Adler 1981 Reversible Belt, $29.50 | Dockers Chinos, $64

3. Draw a Blank. “It’s not summer without a pair of white jeans. They’re perfect for your beach walk or your casual weekends. Don’t forget to cuff them up, gentlemen! Pair them with a beach-inspired tee, and try a comfortable, easy-to-match slip-on.”
Levi’s 513 Jeans,$58 | Sperry Top-Sider Espadrilles, $54.95 (also in black) | Altru T-shirt

4. Festival-Ready. “It started last year with ladies, now it’s time for the men: Make sure you have at least one item with a cool global print in your closet. Tanks are great to throw on with your swim trunks, or a solid pair of rolled-up shorts. Add that great fedora from look #1 and your colorful slip-ons, and accessorize with some fun shades.”
Obey Tank Top, $42 | TOMS Shoes, $43.95 | KW Sunglasses, $10 | 1901 Shorts, $49.50


Get in touch with Ash if you find yourself in the Virginia area and could use a hand.
And wherever you are:

Shop more Personal Stylist Picks for Men,
and call 1.877.543.7463 or click here to connect with a Personal Stylist near you.


Inspired by our new Summer Suiting Guide, we decided to apply our five favorite looks to real-life situations. You know, the important ones—when T-shirts and shorts simply won’t cut it. Here’s how to look your best this summer, when the stakes are as high as the temperature.


1. SUMMER IN THE CITY. We were about to suggest this kit for the warm-weather “morale-booster” benevolent bosses often pencil in around now—but seriously, this is what most of us should wear to work all summer long. Lightweight blazer + clean-cut jeans + a pop of color = business casual done right.

Beverage of Choice: Local microbrews, if your workplace knows how to plan a party. Otherwise: Sparkling cider it is.

Pro Tip: See that buttonhole on your jacket lapel? It does in fact serve a purpose. Drop in a lapel pin for extra style points.

[Shop: This Look | More Shirt & Tie Combos]

2. BRUNCH DATE. Breakfast in baggy sweats is for amateurs. Play your cards right—with a shirt that buttons, shoes that aren’t sneakers, and a “third piece” (i.e., a vest, blazer or cardigan) to tie it all together—and that special someone you’re meeting for breakfast might stick around for dinner, too.

Beverage of Choice: Bloody Mary—or black coffee, depending on how the previous night unfolded.

Pro Tip: Skip the tie if you so choose…Unless your brunch date is your mom on Mother’s Day, in which case it’s a nice touch.

[Shop: This Look | More Vests]

3. YACHT CLUB. The blazer-with-shorts look is everywhere as of late—but we can’t think of a scenario it’s more befitting than a classy affair on the water. Don’t own a boat (or have a friend or father-in-law who does)? The same rig would be spot-on for a dinner date at a high-end seafood spot.

Beverage of Choice: Something with rum? Or a refreshing Jamaican lager, if the sun has you parched.

Pro Tip: If you’re actually on a boat (as opposed to just near one), trade the dress shoes for boat shoes.

[Shop: This Look | More Sportcoats & Blazers]

4. KENTUCKY DERBY. “The fastest two minutes in sports” is this Saturday. Whether you’re Louisville-bound, or just looking for an excuse to sip whisky on your friend’s party-ready patio—be sure to channel your inner Southern gent with dandified finishing touches and flashes of go-to-hell color.

Beverage of Choice: Mint Julep. It’s official.

Pro Tip: We’re digging the subdued take on summer color above—but feel free to go all-in with a loud-and-proud madras or windowpane plaid.

[Shop: This Look | More Finishing Touches]

5. OUTDOOR WEDDING. The last thing summer-wedding attire should be is stuffy, so ditch dark colors in favor of lightweight seersucker (shown) or cotton khaki. The punchy red tie above could prove a bit much; opt for a bow tie in subtler hues if you prefer not to upstage the man of the hour.

Beverage of Choice: Champagne, if you’re wooing bridesmaids. The champagne of beers, if you’re chilling with the groomsmen.

Pro Tip: Beach wedding? Skip the shoes but keep the suit. Just because the groom’s uncle is wearing a Hawaiian shirt, doesn’t make it right.

[Shop: This Look | More Suits]


…And for more warm-weather tailored essentials, from
no-sweat suits down to the last dapper detail, shop our complete


Summer’s upon us, and with it—thanks in part to our ahead-of-their-time, Hendrix-digging forefathers at Woodstock, above—a season rife with obscure music genres like chillwave, mathcore and grub-step (we made that last one up). In other words: Summer Music Festivals.

Depending on your fest of choice, the forecast is likely to include sweltering heat with a 97% chance of attractive people everywhere. Hence, you’ll need some warm-weather essentials like tank tops, T-shirts, shorts and sunglasses—and handsome ones at that, ideally with colors and patterns that stand out from the proverbial crowd. Click the images below to shop our Editor’s Picks for front-row festival style:

Now that you have your basic style needs covered, here are a few more things you’ll need before shipping out to Bonnaroo, Sasquatch or Lollapalooza:

1. A Plan. Starting at square one? Our friends at GQ put out a handy decision tree for finding the right fest for you a few years ago—which remains hilarious, and accurate, today. And, if you’re headed to this weekend’s festivities in Indio, California, you might want to pack Fuse’s mood-based cheat sheet.

2. A Camera. Because when you’re in the middle of a remote desert, your phone battery will probably deplete itself posthaste searching for a signal. And you never know when something like this might happen.

3. Protection. We mean sunscreen, of course. What’d you think?

4 & 5. A Lighter to Wave…and a Change of Clothes. Because if past music festivals are any indication, things could get epic—or messy—at any given moment:




[Intro image: Associated Press, via The New York Times.]


The countdown to Topman and #Britishstyle continues. Over the past couple weeks we’ve offered sneak previews of Topman’s dressier side—from tailoring with a twist, to go-to shirting and textured knits.

Today, we have a glimpse of Topman’s more casual side: conversation-starting T-shirts in geometric, naval and Hawaiian motifs; weekend-staple denim shirts and jean jackets; and button-ups adorned with globe-spanning Navajo and Ikat prints.

Click here to see if and when Topman will hit shelves at a store near you (some starting as early as tomorrow), and check back on Monday, September 10 to shop Topman online, right here at


Topman to go. Yes, that’s an ice-cream truck, and yes, it’s filled with free Topman
merchandise. Check back next week for updates as the Topman street team
road-trips this thing from Miami to Austin.


[Merch photos by Strath Shepard, Men’s Online Creative Director.
Truck photo courtesy of Topman.]


One of our favorite menswear sites recently made fun of this practice. But when it’s done with a spirit of preservation (say, rescuing your vintage concert tee with the dorky, tight neckline from getting Goodwilled), we think there’s something to be said for giving old favorite T-shirts a new lease on life—with scissors.

Eric Yanez, a buyer for The Rail department, showed us three ways to chop a T-shirt into a tank top in no time at all. He used new T-shirts—but use your imagination and picture a rare gem from the back of your drawer.

See instructions below, plus ideas for how to wear them this Labor-Day weekend (perhaps your last chance to exercise the right to bare arms for a while).

General Tips: 
– You can use a ruler and marker if you want to get technical…But Eric just eyeballed it.
– Use the part of the scissors near the hinge to cut through thick seams easily.
– Once you cut off the first sleeve, use it as a rough template for the other side before you toss it.

— — —

Style 1: Classic Tank Top. For the most straightforward approach, simply cut an inch or two inside the sleeve seams, and take off the ribbed collar as well. Works for a backyard BBQ, but bring an extra layer in case the after-party heads downtown.

Shop: The Poster List T-shirt | Reyn Spooner button-up shirt | Zanerobe swim trunks

—  —  —

Style 2: Beach Bound. [Black lines = front of shirt. Red lines = back.] This one cuts in further in back—advisable for the beach, poolside, and anywhere else clothing is optional. Make sure you follow the red lines above for the BACK only.

Shop: Bowery Supply T-shirt | Maui & Sons swim trunks

—  —  —

Style 3: Muscle Tee. Lose the sleeves but keep the neck intact. A good option for the gym, where you want to stay cool while keeping some fabric between you and the machinery.

Shop: Altru T-shirt | 1901 oxford shirt (also in green) | Original Paperbacks shorts

—  —  —

Final Tip: When in doubt, heed the advice of menswear designer and all-around class act Ms. Eunice Lee: Tank tops, like flip-flops, are more at home at the beach than in the city.

SHOP ALL: Ready-Made Tank Tops | Future-Classic T-Shirts



Take a natural talent for capturing quiet moments amid chaos. Mix with a pure love of the game (revealed by the camera-geek Q&As on his Tumblr). Add muses who channel retro Hollywood starlets as effortlessly as they knock back beers with the boys, and voilà—you have Boston photographer Evan Tetreault’s picturesque vision of LA. Filled with awe, dappled in late-summer sun, and wistfully nostalgic, it’s California how the world longs to see it: Perfect.


Tetreault made two pilgrimages out west this summer. Check out a few photos above, and his LA travel notes below.

Best Coffee Shop: Intelligentsia in Pasadena. They even have a craft beer and wine bar. Crazy.

Best Food: A Mexican spot in Santa Monica, can’t remember the name. Then there’s In-N-Out

Best Record Shop: Amoeba—they have a huge vinyl, VHS, and punk/hardcore poster section.

Best Spot to Shoot: I traveled to the Mojave Desert, out to this canyon where they shot a couple scenes of Star Trek, which was truly breathtaking. Between that and the beaches and canyons in Malibu, it’s really hard to choose.

Best People-Watching: Hollywood. Between the crazies and the superheroes, it’s inevitably entertaining.

Weirdest Moment in LA: Probably when this drunk girl I had never met before gave me the keys to her tricked-out Mercedes SUV for the night with a full tank of gas, just asking for me to pick her up “later.”


Photos ©Evan Tetreault. View his Portfolio and follow him on Tumblr.

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