throwbacksweatshirtsshortsWe’re digging into our 1976 activewear catalog for fall outfit inspiration, and what do we see but that rare flower which blooms in fall and spring:

Hoodies and shorts.

Obviously this photo was taken in the gym. (Obviously.) But you don’t have to be working out to finesse this outfit. And you should, because it is great.

The sweatshirt + shorts team-up is for being out and about, a true transition ‘fit, an equal acknowledgement of warmth (the shorts) and cold (the sweatshirt)–and the fact of both temperatures coexisting (the wearing both at the same time).

Perfect for fall. For brunches. For strolls. And for doing pretzel hands with a special friend while leaning back like Fat Joe.

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reigningchampmixedmediahoodieGood hoodie or best hoodie? That’s where our heads are at right now with this sleek, technologically enhanced number by Reigning Champ. We’re loving the soft terry body and wind-resistant stretch nylon arms. Functional and fashion forward. Perfect marriage.

The onset of cooler temperatures has us contemplating fall fleeces. We’re especially feeling Canadian designs, probably because we’re amped up about our new flagship store in Vancouver, B.C.

Reigning Champ is based in Vancouver and shares a factory with wings + horns, the Vancouver designer brand which is a worldwide leader in borderline dressed-up fleece.

Check two complete wings + horns looks below.

And hit these links to get your fleece on, Canadian or not. Our whole selection is fresh for fall.

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Peep two head-to-toe wings + horns fits


Ever get the feeling your significant other is from another planet? Here’s a noble New Year’s resolution: Instead of shaking your clenched fists at the sky and frustratedly cursing “Women!” (or “Men!” as the case may be), try putting some thought into where they’re coming from. You could do a lot worse than consulting the 3,000-year-old theories of astrology for a hint or two. Hey, you might even learn something about your own weird personality while you’re at it.

We don’t know how this stuff works, exactly; all we know is that even the briefest descriptions of the 12 zodiac signs align uncannily well with our own wives, mothers, selves, and other acquaintances. We also know both you and your old lady will look sharp (and celestially attuned) in one of these VFILES ‘Zodiac’ Sweatshirts (they’re even available in unisex sizing, so they’ll fit each of you to a T).

Step 1: Know your wife’s or girlfriend’s birthday. We can’t stress that enough. Step 2: Keep reading to see the 12 sweatshirts and learn a bit about each Zodiac sign, via short excerpts from The AstroTwins (astrologers to the stars, whom you can also book a reading with as part of our New Beginnings Pop-In Shop).

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NFL Hoodies: Suit Up for Sunday

Broncos versus Colts. Bengals versus Lions. Patriots versus Jets. You versus your girlfriend for control of the nacho plate.

Are you ready for a weekend filled with intense match-ups? Get your snack strategy locked down with Bon Appetit magazine’s Five Keys to Nacho Nirvana, and launch a dual-pronged attack of team spirit and coziness with one of the Mitchell & Ness NFL hoodies pictured above.


[An excerpt from Bon Appetit’s article on nacho architecture.
Photo by Christina Holmes.]

—  —  —

And now for a moment of hometown pride: Aka bragging. Our local-hero Seattle Seahawks beat Arizona last night through feats of sheer strength and zen-like focus. Although it aired on a non-basic station, those of us cutting back on cable bills were still able to enjoy the game via animated GIFs, posted in real time on killer sports site the Bleacher Report.

Click below to see the best ones—and watch an impressive trick throw by Seattle QB Russell Wilson in the short video above.

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