The Selvedge Yard

Leave it to The Selvedge Yard—online repository of all things vintage, virile, and generally badass—to sum up today’s Fourth of July holiday in one perfect image. Visit The Selvedge Yard for more Marilyn Monroe, and check out our tribute to TSY, from last Independence Day, here.

Beware the bad kind of danger today—and cheers to the good kind.


“What he recorded is the surf scene exploding in a riot of Technicolor. California in the 1960s…held a mythical place in our imaginations as the land of endless sun, surf, and possibilities. LeRoy Grannis will go down as one of the men who helped create this mythos.”
—The Selvedge Yard contributing editor, Eli M. Getson

Read the whole story, with many more photos, at The Selvedge Yard; and buy Grannis’ book here.

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[Surf photos ©LeRoy Grannis, via The Selvedge Yard.]


“Steve McQueen—ironically displaying his signature, perfect balance of allegiance and rebellion.”
—The Selvedge Yard

“I live for myself and I answer to nobody.”
—Steve McQueen

On America’s birthday, we couldn’t think of a more fitting tribute than to recommend one of the most patriotic, and yet most subversive, web museums in the world: The Selvedge Yard.

Some might call it a blog, but we say ‘web museum’ because the breadth of topics and depth of research is nothing short of encyclopedic. And with subjects ranging from Hitchcock to Harley Davidsons, Playboy Bunnies to Bob Dylan, and famous mustaches to muscle cars, there’s something for everyone. (Unless your idea of the perfect lunch-hour blog break includes LOL-inducing cats.)

While The Selvedge Yard does include a few choice overseas exports, like the Rolling Stones and vintage Schwarzenegger, the running themes remain intact: rebellion, recklessness, and good old-fashioned machismo.

Alfred Hitchcock on the secretive set of his classic thriller Psycho, 1960.

Albert “Shrimp” Burns, a top racer of the 1910s and early 1920s, was the youngest champion of his era, winning his first titles at age 15.

The Playboy Club, circa 1960. (Note Keith Richards in the background, top right.)

Bob Dylan, London, circa 1966. Photo by Barry Feinstein.

Frank Zappa’s mustache, New York City, 1967. Photo by Jerry Schatzberg.

Carroll Shelby’s iconic Ford Mustang GT350 pony car, circa 1965.


All photos, quotes and captions courtesy of The Selvedge Yard.


[Individuals pictured do not endorse Nordstrom.]