The Strokes

Watches for Dads & Grads

Some simple rules when choosing gifts for guys:

1) Make it functional.
A book of quotes or hand-made card is extremely kind. But soon forgotten.

2) Get the right size.
Hence the perennial popularity of one-size-fits-all items like watches, ties, and gift cards.

3) Tailor it to his specific tastes.
Find some favorite watches below, no matter what your dad and/or grad is into.


He appreciates: Cars, architecture, graphic design.
His style icon: Jay-Z.
His new watch: Stealth Mode

[Shown: Left | Center | Right]


He appreciates: Jack Daniels, a good cigar, the morning paper.
His style icon: Clive Owen.
His new watch: A Timeless Classic

[Shown: Left | Center | Right]


He appreciates: Dry humor, ’90s nostalgia, vintage vinyl.
His style icons: The Strokes.
His new watch: Retro Digital

[Shown: Left | Center | Right]


He appreciates: Flag football, Budweiser, his dog.
His style icon: Jason Bourne.
His new watch: A Precision Instrument

[Shown: Left | Center | Right]


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