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Nordstrom recipe for Peppercorn-Crusted Lamb Chops with a Sriracha and Fig Jam Sauce; photo by Jeff Powell.

In case you missed it over on our sister blog, The Thread, our restaurants team helped us out with a load of compliment-worthy recipes and ideas for a full-course holiday menu—from jalapeño-infused cocktails to peppercorn-crusted lamb chops with a Sriracha and fig jam sauce.

Oh, and a chocolate cheesecake that will forever change your dessert game.

See them all with printable PDFs in our What’s Cooking holiday series.

Nordstrom recipe for Smoke & Heat Mezcal party cocktails; photo by Jeff Powell.Nordstrom recipe for a composed Bistro Crab Salad Stack; photo by Jeff Powell.Nordstrom recipe for a Brussels sprouts gratin with Gruyere and prosciutto; photo by Jeff Powell.Nordstrom recipe for a Dark Chocolate Mint Cheesecake; photo by Jeff Powell.


How great is this picture of picture-takers?

The rogues’ gallery of street-style photographers above—snapped on the streets of Milan by our fashion-week guest editor, Australian blogger Zanita Morgan—goes to show that all-black everything is a look that’s not just for mimes and punk rockers. The lensmen above pull it off with aplomb in a variety of styles, from a classic black T-shirt to more avant-garde drop-crotch pants. The muted palette makes it all about fit and accessories, calling attention to their individualized selections in shoes, hats, glasses, beards, and of course high-tech hardware. [SHOP BLACK.]

And then there’s the shot below—evidence that the fairer sex doesn’t look half bad in all black, either. For more photos by Zanita, from Fashion Weeks around the world, visit our sister blog, The Thread.