On the verge of the big day this Sunday, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on what Father’s Day is all about. Father’s Day gifts are nice, yes. And letting Dad control the TV remote all day, even while he’s snoring, is a kind gesture as well.

But the true meaning of Father’s Day is to honor the man who was awesome, remains awesome, and will always be awesome, since long before you entered this earthly realm.

Nothing proves this notion more emphatically than the blog Dads are the Original Hipsters. With vintage Dad photos submitted by readers, and pointed captions like “Your Dad was an Apple fanboy before you were,” “Your dad ate local, fair-trade, organic produce before you did,” and “Your dad knew how to rage before you did and his friends are still afraid to give him whiskey because of it”—you come to a quick realization that you may never be as cool as your dad. But you should certainly try.

Some sample pics below, but check out the site for many more—and keep an eye out for a recently published book by the same name.


[Images courtesy of Dads are the Original Hipsters. Individuals pictured do not endorse Nordstrom.]


T-Shirts and Tumblrs

Despite summer fast approaching, it’s been raining cats and dogs here at our Seattle headquarters.
If you’re lucky enough to live in a part of the world that’s enjoying sun today, here are some T-shirts. For the rest of us stuck indoors, some Tumblr inspiration to pass the time.

Shirt: Topo Ranch | Art: The Selvedge Yard (©Leroy Grannis)

Art: Hollis Brown Thornton | Shirt: Headline Shirts

Shirt: Scott Free | Art: The Pursuit Aesthetic

Art: Just Missed Us (©Justin Blyth)  | Shirt: Free Authority

Shirt: Brooklyn Motors | Art: Abstract Elements (©Andre Wagner)

Art: Convoy | Shirt: PalmerCash

Shirt: Threads for Thought | Art: Street Etiquette


[Individuals featured do not endorse Nordstrom or products shown. If your work is here and you’d like it removed or credited differently, please contact us using the ‘Email the Editor’ link at right.]


While loafers and boat shoes will handle most summer workdays and weekends, respectively, neither will serve you well exploring Joshua Tree and Yosemite, evading rattlesnakes or hunting for the holy grail of Tex-Mex breakfast burritos.

That’s why 129-year-old, Michigan-based bootmaker Wolverine (and its heritage-inspired ‘1000 Mile’ collection) is the sure-footed sponsor behind Ramblers Bone, a 6,200-mile vision quest through the heart of America’s wilderness, conducted and chronicled by Sean Sullivan (of The Impossible Cool) and Mikael Kennedy (of Passport to Trespass).

Their epic, but all-too-short, 29-day odyssey may be over, but there’s still plenty of summer left for you to plan one of your own. If the guys’ Ansel Adams-esque landscapes and Kerouac-like excursions to forgotten truck stops aren’t inspiration enough, here are two pre-packed road-trip kits to help get you started:


Nudie denim jacket | Herschel Supply Co. backpack | rag & bone shirt
Ray-Ban wayfarers | Earnest Sewn pants | Wolverine boot


Dolce&Gabbana leather jacket | Filson duffel bag | Vince henley
Ray-Ban aviators | PRPS jeans | Wolverine chukka


[First three boot images courtesy of wolverine.com. Travel images courtesy of ramblersbone.com]