You know that rampant cultural assumption that “fashion” designers are egocentric, pretentious, and take themselves entirely too seriously? CFDA Award winners Shipley & Halmos prove it completely (not) true in the digital Christmas card above, which greeted us in our email inbox this morning. (That’s Halmos in back on the left, and Shipley next to him counting off the choir composed of their impressively straight-faced staff.) Make sure to watch ’til the end, lest you miss the anticlimactic finale.

It’s just the latest in the design duo’s tradition of lo-fi, self-effacing satire. Observe their Keanu Reeves-influenced company timeline and unfortunately on-hiatus Numerous Drawings blog (which celebrates everyday miracles from Super Mario sealife to a no-look Lil’ Wayne) for further examples. Also, their Gear Up video from last spring, which clearly improves upon the Schwarzenegger classic Commando:

Click ‘play’ on both at the same time to get the full effect.

For killer clothes (backed by a
decidedly unorthodox sense of humor),



[Videos courtesy of Shipley & Halmos; Commando clip courtesy of Silver Pictures and 20th Century Fox.]