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New sources are reporting a spike in Breaking Bad-themed costumes this Halloween—and with artist Nathan Peters documenting The Wardrobe of Walter White episode-by-episode in illustrated form, there are plenty of iterations to choose from.

If you forgot to pick up a haz-mat suit and gas mask ahead of time, here’s another costume idea—like our heavy-metal Ryan Gosling post yesterday—that you should be able to put together mostly from your own closet. Any beige bomber, windbreaker, or trucker jacket will work; and while the authentic pant option (unfortunately) is to go khaki-on-khaki, if you’re cool with your neighbors, you can try roaming the streets in Walter White’s infamous premiere-episode tighty-whities. High-quality, sky-blue Pop Rocks are the candy of choice.

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Editor’s Picks to Get the Look:

Burberry Bomber Jacket | KW Glasses | Goatee from your local party store | Rag & Bone Hat
Clarks ‘Wallabee’ Boots | Blue Pop-Rocks | Nordstrom Cotton Briefs


Side Note: We all know these guys are 10x more stylish off the screen, so if you’ve got a killer suit, some stacks of Monopoly money—and maybe some fake blood for holiday-appropriate flair—red-carpet Walt or Jesse are entirely viable options.

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The last time we talked about AMC’s roller coaster of a suburban drug-lord drama, Breaking Bad, the photo we posted depicted partners in crime Walter White and Jesse Pinkman seated side by side, dressed to the nines in matching haz-mat suits, cold ones in-hand.

At this point, so much has gone so wrong for every single character, leaving the show’s legions of fans equal parts stupefied and riveted, that we’re not even sure what an appropriate visual—directly pertaining to the show and not rife with spoilers—would be. So instead, here’s Pinkman’s alter ego, aka two-time Emmy winner Aaron Paul, by all indications having the time of his life.

It’s good to know that our favorite Breaking Bad character—a small-time crook in a shark-tank of very bad guys, who’s been in over his head since approximately episode two, spent most of the past season alternately sobbing and attempting to give millions in morally tainted cash away to strangers, and attempted to triple-cross Mr. White for most likely the last time—is faring better in real life than he is on the show.

Even though he’s, you know, on it, Aaron Paul seems to be one of the show’s biggest fans. Follow him on Instagram (@GlassOfWhiskey) for a steady stream of the very best Breaking Bad inside jokes—like the false revelation and fun with fake babies above. He’s even hosting a contest in which a lucky winner can watch the series finale with him, VIP-style, in LA.

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Further Breaking Bad reading—because, if you’re like us, you’re into it:

1. Red-Carpet Criminals. Despite Pinkman’s oversized, skull-emblazoned, mall-thug duds—and Walter White’s unusual tendency toward beige-on-beige-on-beige (and tighty-whities)—Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston clean up incredibly well when duty calls. More here.

2. The One Who Knocks. Read GQ’s interview with the show’s leading man, Bryan Cranston, here. [Photo: Nathaniel Goldberg.]

3. One Hell of a Trip. Evidence that Cranston (right, in 1977) has been into Winnebagos for a while now. More here.

4. Don’t Try This at Home. It’s never been easier to build your own meth lab! Except for the fact that this unauthorized, comically accurate Lego set sold out even faster than Heisenberg’s coveted narcotics.


Breaking Bad’s penultimate episode airs this Sunday at 9/8c on AMC.
Previous seasons are on Netflix.

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