After a busy couple weeks partnering with our friends at Street Etiquette, we’re finally catching up on care packages from our own street-style sharpshooter, Ms. Crystal Nicodemus.

The arctic forecast at New York Fashion Week earlier this month didn’t stop Crystal from snagging her usual assortment of menswear inspiration, from natty tailoring to avant-garde goth. If anything, the rough weather was an excuse for New York’s finest to break out their best outerwear and creative layering techniques. Click the smaller images to enlarge—and watch for more street style from Crystal coming soon.

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Those feet look familiar.

Photographing photographers has become an art unto itself.
Here’s one of our favorites: Mr. Karl-Edwin Guerre.

Print-mixing. Pops of color. Produce [click to enlarge her pear sweater, far right].
For more women’s street style, head over to The Thread.



[Photos by Crystal Nicodemus.]


Boot Guide Part 3: Weather-Ready

Boots are one of those items in a man’s wardrobe with serious staying power—over the course of a season (we introduced our Boot Guide in September, and have been updating it continuously ever since), as well as year after frigid year…especially when you invest in a solid pair like the waterproof, 5-star-customer-rated UGG® Australia ‘Butte’ above.

Today, we’re focused on the near-indestructible genre of footwear that will carry your feet unfazed through the toe-chilling rain, sleet, snow and slush that January and February are bound to usher in. Any of the specimens below will match up impeccably with your toughest puffers and flannels (see above)—but if you need a dapper way to stay dry en route to work, consider the clean lines and graphic punch of pairs like the Sorel ‘Sentry’ and UGG ‘Hannen’ below, neither of which will look out of place grounding a suit or sportcoat (pull your wingtips out of your briefcase once you’re warm and dry at your desk).

Start with our Editor’s Picks below, then shop our full selection of Weather-Ready Boots. And remember: The best gifts for guys are as practical as they are stylish. A great pair of boots more than fits the bill.

(Top, L-R): Sorel ‘Sentry’ | Nike | The North Face
(Bottom, L-R): Sorel ‘Chugalug’ | UGG Australia | Sperry Top-Sider®


Check out our previous Boot-Guide Editor’s Picks: Wingtip | Rugged

…And browse all 5 boot categories here:


With the launch of our new Snow Shop, we’ve been investigating the louder side of snow sports lately—from the innovation of ’80s extreme skier Scot Schmidt to the bravado of gold-medal boarder Shaun White.

This week, we chose to take a more cerebral approach by highlighting Vancouver, Canada, outdoor brand Arc’teryx. In fitting with the lofty allegory behind the brand’s prehistoric namesake (Archaeopteryx lithographica, the first reptile to develop feathers for flight, “freeing itself from the constraints of the horizontal world”), Arc’teryx’s latest video series, A Skier’s Journey, uses obscure ski destinations as a context in which to explore nature, culture, and the human condition. The end result is a thought-provoking, heartwarming, visually incapacitating treatise on what it means to play in the snow.

Watch the bite-size trailer version above—and if you’re ready to settle in, heat up some cocoa and get comfortable for the full episodes below. Once you’re done, learn more about Arc’teryx’s technical achievements, charitable efforts…and get inspired (while sweating bullets) watching three guys who are “climbers first, disabled second.”



[Videos courtesy of Arc’teryx and Gore-Tex. Individuals featured do not endorse Nordstrom.]


If the forecast here in Seattle is any indication, it’s high time to pull that parka, trench or topcoat out from the back of your closet. As important as your outer layer is, once you walk into the office, it’s what’s underneath that really counts. Here are a few of our favorite sportcoats this season (also pictured above), in warm, wintery fabrics and patterns:

From Left: John W. Nordstrom® Italian Cotton/Cashmere Corduroy Blazer (available in 5 colors)
John W. Nordstrom Herringbone Sportcoat in Authentic Harris Tweed
Hart Schaffner Marx Cotton Blazer (Made in USA)

From Left: Canali Wool/Cashmere Sportcoat in Grey Plaid
Canali Wool/Silk Sportcoat in Brown Donegal Tweed

Here’s a dapper-looking infographic (found via, ‘A Southern Lifestyle Guide for Men’ that clearly offers plenty for the Northerly among us as well) which should aid you in navigating the remainder of our vast sportcoat selection. For an even more in-depth pattern analysis, check out a ‘Guide to Fall’s Gutsiest Look’ by our friends at GQ.




Here at Nordstrom, we may prefer to celebrate one holiday at a time—but when it is time to celebrate, we go all out. So, with Thanksgiving officially behind us, we popped over to our flagship store in Downtown Seattle to see how they decked the halls (or aisles, as it were). A couple indications that it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas:

Walls full of festive sketches by our perennial favorite illustrator, Ruben Toledo.

Trees all aglow.

Ornaments the size of a small child (or large elf).

Mannequins prepping for a black-tie holiday soirée.

An interactive snowflake-catching experience.

Santa posted up in the corner window display, awaiting your kid’s wish list. (Or yours.)


Despite the festive decorations, we couldn’t help getting distracted by all the sumptuous winter wares festooning the mannequins in the Men’s Shop. Here’s the best of what we saw at the store—and links to help you get these looks online.

Jack Spade Cardigan | Jack Spade Shirt | Solid Ties

Penfield Vest | Ben Sherman Sweater

Moncler Parka | Turtlenecks | Plaid Shirts

Jack Spade: Sweatshirt | Shirt | Pants

Diesel Vest | Life/After/Denim Sweater | Beanies | Cords | Danner Boots

Nudie Belt | Cardigans | Crewnecks | Chinos

Marc New York Leather Jacket | Fiesole Sweater

Billy Reid Coat | Billy Reid Thermal Henleys | Jeans | Wingtips

More gift ideas for dads, brothers,
sons, husbands—or yourself.



5 Winter Beers Worth Toasting

Whether you’re trying to surprise a holiday-party host with something special (and don’t know your way around a recipe) or simply want to cozy up fireside with your significant other and something stronger than hot cocoa, a cold-weather cold one can be man’s best friend. We tapped brew connoisseur Walker Pruett to present a few favorites. Read on for his top 5—and don’t forget something stylish on which to rest your glass.

—  —  —

‘Tis the season, now that pumpkin beers are waning, for my favorite beer seasonal of all. Many breweries’ best beers come out in celebration of the winter holidays, and nothing salves the psyche on a dark, cold winter’s night like one of these hearty and luscious brews. Here are my top picks (in no particular order) for seasonally appropriate imbibing:

Sierra Nevada ‘Celebration’
6.8% ABV (alcohol by volume)
An archetype of the special beer for special occasions, ‘Celebration’ is hop-forward and balanced. It is technically superb and eminently satisfying, giving hop-heads something to look forward to among the spiced and malty milieu that dominates the holiday beer landscape.

Anchor ‘Our Special Ale’ (aka Christmas Ale)
5.5% ABV
This highly anticipated release from one of the progenitors of the American craft-beer movement is fun because it’s a surprise every year. ‘OSA’ features a perennially changing recipe of secret malts, hops and spices, yet it consistently delights. This year’s iteration carries aromas of allspice, with subtle vanilla and wintergreen; flavors are of dark toffee and smoky black pepper. These elements act beautifully in concert to deliver a refreshing winter draught.


New Belguim ‘Frambozen’
6.5% ABV

Frambozen’s fleeting appearance makes me a little giddy every year. Nowhere else can you find this combination of tart raspberry flavor against a sturdy caramel malt backdrop. Imagine your favorite raspberry pastry baked to perfection, but in spritzy liquid format. Thirsty yet?


Brasserie Dupont ‘Bons Voeux’
9.5% ABV

It’s no coincidence this seasonal Belgian gem comes in a champagne wrapper, as the quaint farmhouse brewery isn’t much more than spitting-distance from the Champagne region of France. The beer is lively and succulent, with underlying hints of sweets and spices. It makes an excellent stand-in for holiday toasts.


Samuel Smith ‘Oatmeal Stout’
5% ABV

We’re lucky enough to be able to drink this delicious tipple from one of England’s most heralded breweries all year long. Oats in the mash make this beer silky on the palate, while roasted malts contribute pervasive semi-sweet chocolate notes. The result resembles a liquid dark-chocolate ganache, though it’s light enough that a whole pint isn’t too tall an order.


By Walker Pruett, brewer and beer enthusiast living in Portland, Oregon. When in Portland, be sure to check out PDXBEERCALENDAR.COM for a full listing of Portland’s daily beer events.


[Intro illustration via Bearden Beer Market. Beer images: Sierra Nevada via The Full Pint; New Belgium via Better Beer Blog; Anchor, Brasserie Dupont and Samuel Smith’s via the breweries’ official sites.]


Our Ultimate Coat Guide is all-new this week, with a fresh batch of cold-weather lifesavers.

Though the guide is stocked with a range of outerwear from uptown overcoats to summit-ready mountain gear, we were inspired by the year-round versatility, and all-around badness*, of a leather jacket.

Throw one on over a T-shirt and jeans in warmer months, and you’re basically Marlon Brando. Fast-forward 30 years, grab a guitar, and you’re Joe Strummer. Add a rebel streak to your shirt and tie with a trim-fitting leather jacket, and you’re straight out of GQ.

When it comes to braving colder months, it’s a simple question of creative layering. If you like your leather to fit trim and streamlined, like the Italian-made bomber above, underpin it with a toasty thermal or cashmere sweater, then add a scarf, hat and/or gloves on top. If you opt for a looser-fitting fatigue style, like the caramel-colored number below, you can get more creative with chunky knits underneath—we even saw a member of our visual merchandising team sport a denim jacket under his leather coat just yesterday.

Check out a few more favorites below, then shop our full selection of leather jackets.

Scotch & Soda | Diesel | Zegna Sport

*Speaking of badness: Did you catch Spike Lee’s 25th-anniversary special on Michael Jackson’s Bad last week, in which Kanye West confirms that Jackson’s black leathers in the 1987 Martin Scorsese-directed short film (Part 1 | Part 2) still influence his stage wardrobe to this day? Check out the trailer.



If you haven’t geared up for snowboarding season yet, head over to our Snow Shop—and start jotting down favorites for your holiday wish list.

A couple weeks ago, we took a look at original extreme skier Scot Schmidt. Today, let’s check out two of Burton’s top boarders: living legend Terje Haakonsen (known for his fluid style in the most unforgiving terrain) and young gun Shaun White (whose historic perfect-100 score from the 2012 X Games is documented below).

A dominant boarder of the early ’90s as well as today, Terje Haakonsen, accompanied by up-and-comer John Jackson, waxes philosophic on the art of slicing up a mountain.
(Find the Burton movie Thirteen on iTunes.)

More Haakonsen, including some pulse-quickening first-person footage.
(Find the Burton movie Standing Sideways on iTunes.)

Shaun White at Northstar-at-Tahoe, in California. (Shop items from Burton’s White Collection.)

Shaun White five-peats and scores the first-ever 100.00 in SuperPipe at the 2012 Winter X Games.




[Videos courtesy of Burton Snowboards and X Games. Individuals featured do not endorse Nordstrom.]


Great Heights: Moncler Turns 60

Founded in 1952 by French outdoorsman and entrepreneur René Ramillon, Moncler celebrates its 60th anniversary this year. The brand’s origin is rooted in pure utility: Legend has it that Ramillon created Moncler’s first down jackets in order to keep his employees warm (the company was located in Monestier-de-Clermont—for which the name ‘Moncler’ serves as an abbreviation—an Alpine town near Grenoble, France).

Soon, after patenting his down production process, Ramillon and co. set about collaborating with the world’s leading mountaineers on life-threateningly frigid missions: Moncler provided equipment for the first successful ascent of both K2 (by Lino Lacedelli and Achille Compagnoni in 1954) and Makalu (by Lionel Terray and Jean Couzy, 1955). In 1964, along with Terray, the brand organized the first ascent of Mt. Huntington in Alaska.

From these rugged roots, Moncler down jackets became a stylish status symbol in subsequent decades. Today, the brand embraces the dualistic nature of its heritage—continuing to manufacture down-filled outerwear to expedition specs, while also partnering with leading designers to create avant-garde, sport-inspired fashion statements. Watch this interview with Thom Browne, who designs Moncler’s experimental Gamme Bleu collection, for a taste of the latter—and delve deeper into Moncler’s history below.

Adventurers in the Himalayas, 1962.
[First Image]: Renowned French explorer Lionel Terray, who played a key role in consulting on Moncler’s high-performance designs, in Alaska, 1964.

Scenes from the first successful ascent to the summit of K2, July 1954, for which Moncler provided the equipment. Note the ‘stockroom’—who needs a refrigerator?

Terray in Alaska, 1964. If you look closely, his tent is proudly labeled ‘Moncler.’

Villard-de-Lans, France, 1964. Near Grenoble, where Moncler outfitted the French National Team for the 1968 Winter Olympics.

French National Ski Team, 1966.

Expedition notes from the Moncler archive. Anyone read Italian?

A vintage Moncler ad from the 1970s.

Ski instructors at L’Alpe d’Huez ski resort in the French Alps, 1970.

An ad from the ’80s. Powder’s great on the moon this time of year.

Assorted Moncler ads from the 1950s and early ’60s.

Moncler Today. A few of our favorites:
Mixed-Media Bomber | ‘Tib’ Down Vest | ‘Hubert’ Fur-Lined Parka
‘Montserrat’ Down Parka | ‘Zin’ Bomber | ‘Montgenevre’ Down & Feather Jacket


For more winter-ready gear, check out our Snow Shop.

[All images courtesy of Moncler. Vintage imagery via Vogue Italia; product still-lifes via Individuals pictured do not endorse Nordstrom.]


Excited to hit the slopes this ski and snowboard season? Look no further: From jackets and hats to gloves and boots, our new Snow Shop has everything you need—including mind-blowing winter inspiration via the world’s preeminent outdoor brands. Check out Scot Schmidt—godfather of extreme skiing, and the sport’s first-ever endorsed athlete after The North Face got a hold of him in 1983—in the video above, as well as the vintage ski pics below.

L: Photo by Gary Brettnacher, 1993 | R: Photo by Scott Markewitz, 1990

Photo by Hank de Vre, 1985

Schmidt (L) with fellow freestyle skier Glen Plake (sans-mohawk)
in a still from Greg Stump’s 1988 ski film The Blizzard of AAHHH’s.




[Video courtesy of The North Face. First three photos courtesy of Powder Magazine; fourth photo via Skinet/Warren Miller Entertainment, courtesy of Greg Stump Productions. Individuals pictured do not endorse Nordstrom.]

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