If you’ve been following our recent Father’s Day posts, you’ve probably noticed that Dads appreciate functional gifts: sunglasses, gym bags, whiskey—things they can use every day.

The ruggedly refined mix of nature and technology created by Silver Moon Woodworks—with one-of-a-kind iPad stands and cell phone valets wrought from reclaimed wood—more than fit the bill. Keep reading to catch up with the man behind the brand, George Knutson, as we tour his Renton, Washington, workshop and learn about the philosophy that fuels his tactile craft.

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The behind-the-scenes video above, shot while filming the dapperly appointed, slo-mo-wood-chip-scattering clip we screened for you a couple weeks ago, happens to feature quite a deft display of acting prowess. That’s because Nick Hounslow, the English actor/model astutely studying that woodcarving-for-dummies book, happened to know a thing or two about chainsaws before we ever hired him.

“I build furniture as a hobby,” Nick said. “I started back in England, where I would make tables and benches or use old crates to make bookshelves and things. I learnt to use a chainsaw to cut up huge old railway sleepers [the wood logs used to lay tracks] before assembling them into furniture. It was more of a hobby—something to do in between acting jobs and modeling gigs. It really helped me ground myself and became a form of therapy.”

Food for thought. Next time you’re stressed, skip yoga and hit up the hardware store. Here are a few fruits of Nick’s labors:

He called this “a REALLY rough attempt at a garden bench using a chainsaw.” Don’t be so hard on yourself, Nick.

A refurbished-fruit-crate bookshelf—before and after.

Our favorite: a coffee table Nick made for a friend. If you thought that boxed-up Ikea one you brought home was heavy, think again. “It weighs a ton!” Nick said of his minimalist creation. “And sadly, my poor dad broke his finger underneath it, helping me lift it!” Luckily, no fingers were harmed in the making of our ‘YOUphoria’ chainsaw video.


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