The latest creation from our in-house design team—a collection of minimalist-aesthetic, technically advanced activewear called BPM—is like a Transformer: more than meets the eye.

To better understand how BPM can improve your workout, we asked our colleagues to break down the hard-to-spot but high-impact details (based on anatomical concepts like biomimicry and muscle mapping) that put BPM’s affordable gear—starting at just $35—a step ahead.

Keep reading to see behind-the-scenes sketches of four key items and hear insights from Paul Glynn, a Senior Director of Design for Nordstrom Product Group.

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By now, you know that our in-store Personal Stylists are always available to assist you in selecting perfect gifts or constructing killer looks for work and weekend. Today, we’ll show how a Personal Stylist can help maximize your workout routine, too—with style points to spare. Without further ado, we’ll hand it over to Marc Slenske, a Nordstrom Stylist in Arizona:

“With the New Year comes new energy—and nothing energizes me more than getting in a great workout. For starters, I have to feel my best in order to do my best. Here are my 6 essentials whether at the gym or out on the trail.”

1. A Solid Base Layer. “To control body temperature and moisture, especially on these cooler January days, quality performance fabric is a must.” [Shop: Under Armour HeatGear Long-Sleeve T-shirt]

2. Adrenaline-Pumping Tunes. “Being a drummer, nothing pumps me up more than some awesome beats. These headphones hug the ear better than any other sports headphones, and deliver crystal-clear sound.” [Shop: Beats by Dre]

3. All-Terrain Trainers. “The most important part of feeling good during a workout is to have the right shoe. This running shoe is my all-time favorite shoe to workout in. It’s flexible with a glove-like fit; not to mention lightweight. Whether it be CrossFit, a road run, or power lifting, this is the best shoe.” [Shop: Nike ‘Free Run+ 3’]

4. Short Report. “Living in Arizona, I’m still able to pull out my favorite shorts even in January!
These are comfy and easy shorts to throw on during any season of the year.”
[Shop Under Armour: HeatGear Shorts | Knit Shorts—shown above]

5. Proper Cushioning. “A lightweight, no-show sock is a must.”
[Shop: Under Armour HeatGear® Socks]

[Also shown above, all by Under Armour]: 
Long-Sleeve T-Shirt (same as black one above; available in 6 colors)
‘O Series’ Boxer Briefs | Under Armour Loose-Fit Hoodie

6. The Aftermath. “It’s important to prioritize the recovery period after a workout. I try to keep hydrated [Ed. note: Check out Klean Kanteen], and I always shower with this eucalyptus shower scrub; it rejuvenates your muscles and keeps them on par for your next workout.” [Shop: Jack Black Body Rehab Scrub & Muscle Soak]


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