The Better Half: Golden-Globes Edition

The men at this year’s Golden Globe Awards Sunday night were full of surprises. Jared Leto, once dubbed the worst-dressed man in the world by GQ (and with good reason), turned up in the event’s most stylish tux. SNL alum Andy Samberg took home a statue (no one was more shocked than him). And serious-seeming Bono even played along winningly with co-host Amy Poehler’s fake-makeout schtick.

The ladies, on the other hand, were utterly predictable: hilarious, intelligent and talented, in addition to easy on the eyes—as per usual. Nothing wrong with consistency. Keep reading to see a few of our favorite photos from the night, via Instagram.

[Above: Emma Roberts, niece of screen legend Julia,
shows fans how to pre-func, Animal Style.]

From True Blood to Masters of Sex to her first (and perhaps last) Fashion FilmLizzy Caplan has played everything from a strung-out vampire kidnapper to a groundbreaking (ahem) sexologist. But she’s never shown more versatility (or oddball charm) than making weird faces.

Not to get all Fashion Police, but we can appreciate it when a newcomer like Lupita Nyong’o kills it on the red carpet, right out of the gate. A Yale grad whose father is a member of the Kenyan Senate, the 12 Years a Slave actress (and nominee) is a double-threat with brains to back up her beauty.

We’ve been fans of Rashida Jones (seen here with Parks & Recreation co-star Aziz Ansari) since she was beating up prepubescent 14-year-old boys on Freaks and Geeks. She’s had more hilarious and endearing roles than we can count, but for now we’ll point you in the direction of Rashida and Natalie Portman + puppies. Also: the daughter of Quincy Jones, she grew up hanging with Tupac and shooting water guns out of cars with Michael Jackson. No big deal.

Mayim Bialik, you’ve come a long way since Blossom. Did you know the deadpan Big Bang Theory actress has a PhD in neuroscience? So if you have any questions about unlocking the secrets of the human mind, you know who to ask.

You’ve got to have a good sense of humor to act in a series like Game of Thrones and keep a straight face, right? English actress Emilia Clarke (left, with Chris O’Donnell) also did a guest-spot on animated sci-fi satire Futurama, giving the Comic-Con set one more thing to admire about her.

You might be familiar with Allison Williams’ neurotic, socially inept character on the HBO series Girls—but until you’ve seen her hilariously lewd improv skits on websites like and Funny or Die, you don’t know the real Allison. We can’t even link to them here in good conscience; Google at your own discretion, if you’re down with R-rated humor.

With a start in theatre and recent collaborators that include Spike Jonze, Steve Martin, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Clint Eastwood, you could definitely say Globe winner Amy Adams has an illustrious career on her hands. One of our favorite roles, though, has still got to be her turn as a Western belle for a Band of Outsiders Polaroid campaign.

Actress Amber Heard grew up in Austin, owns a .357 Magnum and drives a 1968 Ford Mustang. Don’t mess with Texas. Nor with Heard, who has recently been dating the legendary Johnny Depp.

While we’re not super into country music, we get the impression that Nashville actress Hayden Panettiere, topping out at a towering 5-feet-0, could still drink us under the table and beat us at arm-wrestling. Our kind of gal.

We felt the need to include a couple animated GIFs for good measure. Here, the Seinfeld alum we’d most like to split a sandwich with, Julia Louis-Dreyfuss, acts too cool to take a selfie with Reese Witherspoon, now that she’s sitting in the ‘Film’ section instead of the ‘Television’ section. (Don’t worry, fire marshal, that’s an e-cig.)

This post wouldn’t be complete without a shout-out to co-hosts Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. They’re basically our generation’s Billy Crystal by now: awards-show pros, where so many others have failed. Our favorite moment was when Poehler, on her way up to accept a Best Actress award, pretended to French-kiss Bono from U2. Who does that? A badass, 42-year-old mother of two, that’s who. (Check out a countdown of the rest of the duo’s best jokes, in GIF form, here.)

Since we’re on the subject, we’ll give a nod to our
favorite leading men of the night, too:

L: If anyone can pull off black tie, sans tie, it’s Idris Elba.
R: Don’t act so surprised, Andy Samberg! Brooklyn Nine-Nine (which also credits Samberg as a Producer) is solid entertainment. Hulu it and see.

L: Chris Pine, who, along with co-star Zoe Saldana, made Star Trek cool again. Impeccable hair may have helped.
R: GQ’s best-dressed man of the night (and we happen to agree): Jared Leto himself. (Attempt his man-bun, not visible here, at your own risk.)


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[Photos via @GoldenGlobes on Instagram, except Emma Roberts and Jared Leto via @EmmaRoberts6 and @JaredLeto. GIFs via]

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