The Fairer Sex: Women of NY Fashion Week

Fashion Week: where killer menswear, a sartorial shenanigan or two, and throngs of uncannily photogenic women are par for the course.

Regarding the latter, keep reading to see our favorite female NYFW attendees (as spotted on our sister blog, The Thread)—women whose beauty, poise and personal style are rivaled only by their talent and intelligence as photographers, models, buyers and editors.

[Photos by Nordstrom’s global trend spotter Crystal Nicodemus,
except above by Kent Worthington.]

Aviator game: strong.

Pop-In@Nordstrom curator Olivia Kim!

We can get on board with this black & white thing.

Never mad to see a woman rocking a #menswear trend—like the indispensable crewneck sweatshirt.

We’ve said it before: Bored models might be the best part of Fashion Week.

You can’t argue with a woman in a suit. (Seriously, don’t try.)

We won’t suggest you carry a clutch, note her pop of color, and apply the concept to your sock drawer or pocket square.

A new twist on athletic inspiration. If this is an intentional Seinfeld reference, we’ll be even more impressed.

Monochrome, yes. Monotonous, no.

The rules of pattern-mixing are the same for her as they are for you: Vary the scales.

Black on black on black…on black.

One more reason girls have it made: They can borrow from our wardrobe (shades, sneaks), but we can’t often borrow from theirs (we’ll leave leather overalls to the pros).

Mirrored specs: recently endorsed by GQ.

Is your lady friend’s leather jacket more badass than yours? Go here.

Denim: It’s not just for jeans.

French photographer/blogger Garance Doré.

Again with the shades. More aviator inspo here.

Workwear meets mini-dress.

A rare glimpse of color amidst the sea of black, white and occasional blue: Marie Claire senior fashion editor Zanna Roberts Rassi.

Freckles get us every time.

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Meet more women we admire—and visit our sister blog, The Thread,
for full Fashion Week coverage.

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