The Men Behind Our Gift Guide: Cormac Mahoney

For our new Gifts with Personality gift guide, we invited The Selby to photograph some of our most inspiring fellow Seattleites. First up, a chef who embodies the ‘Independent’ spirit.

“I grew up at a big table. For me, dinner is all about sharing. When someone passes you food, something special happens. I believe in magic—and that those little things go a long way.”
—Cormac Mahoney, Chef/Co-owner
 of Madison Park Conservatory, Seattle, Washington

Cormac is the perfect ambassador for Seattle’s vibrant food scene. Every dish he serves is a testament to his inventive pairings and passion for fresh ingredients. This award winning chef’s mission is to make people feel at home in his warm, welcoming restaurant, nestled a stone’s throw away from Seattle’s Madison Park Beach.

All photographs by The Selby.

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