The Natural: Musician Thig Nat Covers 3 Classics

You met him (mostly from the knee-down) in our Sneakers in Seattle video and corresponding Q&A. You might have caught his hip-hop group, The Physics, performing live on globally streaming public radio station KEXP. Your fiancée has probably even heard one of his tracks 1,000 times while analyzing the latest slo-mo wedding video craze.

His name is Thig Nat, and the “Nat” part of his name is short for “Natural”—a reference that applies to his abilities on a microphone as well as his innate knack for wearing classic, versatile clothes that look good without trying too hard.

Keep reading to see how Thig put a modern spin on three menswear staples that he selected from our store: a henley, a trench coat, and slip-on sneakers.

A Brief Dissertation on Going with the Flow: “I’ve always thought that the best clothes make you feel a certain way: stylish, comfortable and confident. My lifestyle is hectic—I’m an artist, photographer, and work a corporate gig, so it’s a constant balance of creativity and practicality. I need a wardrobe that reflects that chaotic combination, so I’m always in search of stuff that I can wear in different settings. General rule of thumb: If I can wear it to a meeting, the studio, and out for drinks with friends within the same day, it’s probably something I’ll work into the rotation. These are a few things I picked up from the Nordstrom at 6th Avenue and Pine Street in Seattle and worked into my wardrobe. The pieces are each brand’s takes on classic menswear staples, and most importantly: versatile.”
—Thig Nat of The Physics

[Rag & Bone Henley, worn by Thig Nat.]

1) A Next-Level T-shirt. “The henley has slowly become my go-to shirt over the last couple years. It’s the comfort and effortlessness of a tee, with added sophistication. A nice touch on this Rag & Bone henley is the raglan-esque shoulder stitching. The cotton is thick but breathable, so it’s great for layering in the spring and summer months.”
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[Topman Trench Coat, worn by Thig’s friend Shakir Rodriguez.]

2) A Coat for Any Occasion. “Balance is everything. Too much corporate-wear, and I feel stuffy and constricted. Too much casual-wear, and I feel sloppy. So with a classic item like a trench, I like to dress it down with a T-shirt and some chinos. Fit is especially crucial when you’re dealing with the added bulk of a double-breasted coat with extra buttons and belts. Topman nailed it with the slim cut on this one.”
[Shop All: Topman | Trench Coats]

[Vans Classic Slip-On, worn by Thig Nat.]

3) A Blank Canvas. “Ahh, these shoes are so classic. Definitely leaning more on the casual side, but the dope thing about slip-on Vans is that the silhouette is so clean, you can dress them up with well-tailored pants and still make a good impression. And they’re affordable as hell, so really, you can’t go wrong.”
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In case you missed it, here’s another look at our sneaker video with Thig Nat and fellow Seattle hip-hop veteran Prometheus Brown. Read the full Q&A and shop The Sneaker Project.

For more from Thig Nat,
check out his music and photography.

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  • Amber B. May 9, 2014, 9:13 pm

    Awesome piece from the guy with the whitest tees I’ve ever seen! 🙂

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