The Pen is Mightier: Valentine’s Tips Pt.4

There’s nothing like the last minute. Many of us perform best under pressure—which is why we’re still here feeding you Valentine’s Day tips the day before the big event. (IT’S TOMORROW, GUYS.) The moral of today’s story is that a little thought goes a long way: Something as simple as jotting down an inside joke, or renting her favorite movie on your way home from work, can score you more points than fancy-pants reservations made months in advance.

In another example of brains over brawn (see our notes on Serge Gainsbourg from the other day), esteemed playwright Arthur Miller won over Marilyn Monroe. Their romance may have been tumultuous, to put it lightly—but just imagine the kind of profound Valentine’s Day cards that guy probably wrote. No pressure or anything. Your wife or girlfriend will appreciate whatever you do—so long as you do it with feeling. Read on for more ideas from Norma Jeans here at Nordstrom HQ.

Courtesy of Danielle B. – Visual Merchandising Graphic Design Manager

GO: “Hmm, my favorite Valentine’s Day date destination…Not out, no no. Too many love birds frolicking around, cooing, staring into each others eyes. I’m not above staring at a boy with googly-eyes, but I’d rather do it in the comfort of my own home (or his—if it’s clean). So, my ideal date destination would be dinner at home. Wine and dine me, please. My favorite meal is breakfast for dinner—somewhat fail-proof and always delicious.”

WEAR: “Well, Date, you’d better look cute. Since it’s pretty clear that I prefer a more casual V-Day, here’s what my imaginary date would be wearing: Well-fitting jeans, a nice button-up and maybe a shawl-collar sweater—like this one from Obey, because I’d like to steal it. Since we’ll be dining indoors, we’ll skip the shoes—but nice socks are important. Some Happy Socks; no Goldtoes, boys.”

GIVE: “Something handmade, not purchased. A silly drawing or card would do.”

[Ed. note: Above left is a drawing by one of Danielle’s favorite illustrators, Marc Johns, and the saliva-inducing over-easy up top is courtesy of Danielle’s best bud/food photographer Yossi Arefi. Check out Danielle’s own work at her website: BDR-Studio.]


Courtesy of Nupoora R. – Cosmetics Marketing Manager

GO: “My favorite V-Day date would be cuddling up on the couch with a good movie, a home-cooked meal, a bottle of wine, and a plush blanket. Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be an expensive extravaganza; with my crazy schedule, time spent together is priceless in itself!” [Ed. note: Nupoora is a rare gem who named Independence Day as one of her favorite movies. Some of her other faves—like Amelie, Love Actually, and Shawshank Redemption, might be better received by your own date.]

WEAR: “I love guys in casual, fitted, button-down shirts and soft crewneck sweaters. But, if it’s a stay-at-home kind of a night, nothing beats a soft T-shirt and sweats! I also have to admit that I’m a big fan of Brooks Brothers and Lacoste men’s cologne—I’m a sucker for these scents!”

GIVE: “Chocolates! They are the way to my heart. Nordstrom Makers Chocolates would be perfect—dark chocolate, please.”


Courtesy of Molly B. – Women’s Site Merchandising

GO: “Anguilla in the Caribbean. I went there shortly after Valentine’s Day a couple of years ago, and there’s something pretty romantic about being in paradise with no one around. Get blissed out! If not on the beach, I like a good, dark, speakeasy-like, hole-in-the-wall restaurant or bar.”

WEAR: “No matter where we are, wear clothes that fit! A great patterned button-down shirt that fits you well, and jeans that accentuate…ahem…your assets are instantly hot and will make you feel good, which makes you feel confident, which is oh so sexy. A little flair, like a leather jacket or some statement-making kicks add instant style/confidence as well. Is it cheesy to say that a genuine, happy-to-see-you smile is also a must?

GIVE: “The best gift I’ve gotten was Thanksgiving dinner! It’s my favorite, and getting it on Valentine’s Day was rad. It showed he cared and knew me pretty damn well.”


Courtesy of Jodi T. – E-Commerce Stylist

GO: “My favorite Valentine’s destination would be one that’s connected to my date’s personality and interests. It could be cooking a meal or going out to a favorite restauraunt or a great show, as long as you make it special. As far as shows, at home in Seattle I like smaller venues like The Moore—and I love the burlesque show at The Pink Door. I recently saw Poliça at Brooklyn Bowl [pictured above], which was an excellent show. I’m also trying to go see Sleep No More (an interactive theatre experience) while I’m here in New York currently.”

WEAR: “Dress appropriately for the destination, but choose something you really feel good in, and it will bring out your natural confidence and charm. I would also encourage attention to detail—the right pair of shoes and the right grooming make all the difference!”

GIVE: “The best gift is sharing time together, so no matter how big or little the gift is, remember it’s all about the love that it symbolizes. If I were to suggest a gift of jewelry from Nordstrom, I’d suggest Lana or Dogeared.”


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