Todd Snyder at New York Fashion Week: Men’s | S/S 2016 Images and Designer Q&A

toddsnyder1It was leather sandals and “casual luxury” for Todd Snyder at New York Fashion Week: Men’s, with the designer’s spring/summer 2016 runway collection set to a steel drum soundtrack of Jamie xx, Popcaan and Young Thug. Being in the building felt like going on vacation to a blue beach with a cold drink.

We spoke with Snyder backstage about the Italian island that moved him to design the collection, translating certain sensibilities from womenswear to menswear and why this first-ever #NYFWM was necessary.

And ICYMI: The New York Times ran a great feature on Snyder last week.

Nordstrom blogs: What was it specifically about Capri that inspired this collection?

Todd Snyder: Well, I visited there a year and a half ago, two years ago. And I fell in love with the island. What I loved about it is there was this casual sense of luxury. I’d see these beautiful women walking in linen drawstring pants and a cashmere sweater. It was how they mixed it together that made it interesting. I thought, That would be really cool to do that in a menswear way. It’s a sensibility. And this year it seemed to make a lot of sense to come out with a looser fit. Things were a lot more relaxed.

toddsnyder8Why did you decide to do a full runway show at New York Fashion Week: Men’s, when other brands aren’t taking that route and doing presentations instead?

I’ve been showing for six years now, five years, and it gets to a point where you have to show your stuff in a tight way. I was doing presentations and you couldn’t fit people in, because nobody would leave. They’d come and stay for an hour. You want to give a clearer sense of what you’re doing. And it’s hard when your presentation is full of people and a lot of them can’t see. So it’s important to stretch things out and use the runway.

toddsnyder5Did you pick the music? Are you a fan of Jamie xx and Young Thug?

Ah, I approved the music, and yes I am a fan of Jamie xx, and I have a very good team. I’m 47 years old so it’s hard for me to be completely fresh on music.

What does it mean for America to have a standalone fashion week for men here, now, for the first time?

I think it’s an important thing to do as New Yorkers, because New York is a fashion capitol of the world for menswear. We should have our own men’s week.

toddsnyder9–Andrew Matson

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