Twin Shadow at New York Fashion Week: Men’s | Musician/Model Q&A

twinshadowThe bond between music and style is strong in any situation. But with Twin Shadow and Public School, it’s dang near familial.

Backstage before the Public School show at New York Fashion Week: Men’s, rock star Twin Shadow talked with us about scoring every Public School show so far and what specifically was asked of him for this spring/summer 2016 collection. He was also a model in the show.

Listen to the score and check the Q&A below.

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Nordstrom blogs: Was something asked of you, or did they tell you to do whatever you wanted?

Twin Shadow: No they had a vision. They said, for the first time, we want to address what’s bothering us about society right now. We’re very concerned and we feel it’s our moment to address that through what we’re doing, in terms of authority abusing power.

That’s why they came up with the police lineup concept?

Right. I actually didn’t know about the lineup until recently. Then they told me I was going to be in the lineup. They told me they wanted me to really think about New York in the mid- to late-1970s, coming at music from that place.

Beginning of hip-hop?

No, just before that. People who were prototypes of that, like Gil Scott-Heron. That was their big…he’s the epitome. I listened to a lot of him. I always have, but I kicked back in. The new Nina Simone documentary came out, so I was watching that. I wanted to make something that was dark and charged. Something with elements of funk music but with a harder edge, with electric guitars that were dirtier, raunchier.

At this point do you consider yourself Public School’s house composer? 

I hope so. We’ve had a great relationship, and I’ve scored all their shows. Public School and Twin Shadow have been running on parallel tracks. As they’ve gotten bigger I’ve gotten bigger. They’ve gotten more ambitious and I’ve gotten more ambitious. There’s a sense of family. I love that I started with them almost on day one. I probably won’t have many relationships like that. As you get older, you get introduced to people who are more established. But in a sense I’ve grown up with them, for the last four or five years.

–Andrew Matson

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