Valentine Tips: Daniela Ramirez of ‘Nany’s Klozet’

Stylish, charming, intelligent. Is it just us, or are fashion bloggers the new dream woman? (Move over, Cassandra from Wayne’s World.)

At the very least, they know their way around a well-appointed date night—which is why we asked a few of our favorites to offer simple tips every man can benefit from this Valentine’s Day. Keep reading for advice from Venezuelan-born, Miami-based blogger Daniela Ramirez of Nany’s Klozet, who loves the beach, the Beatles, and men in ironic socks. We’re with you so far, Daniela.

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What would be your ideal date night for Valentine’s Day 2014?
“It starts with the perfect outfit—I think that when you feel gorgeous, everything goes better. However, the most important thing is to have the right person by your side. I don’t care if we go to a fancy restaurant or just watch Netflix all night—spending time with my fiancé will make it the perfect date night.”

Describe your best Valentine’s Day ever.
“I love planning surprises. A couple of years ago, I planned a treasure hunt for my now-fiancé. I put clues all around the neighborhood. It was so much fun to plan, and it was great seeing him have fun with it.”

What would you like to see your Valentine wear during your date?
“Something a little bit dressier than usual: nice pants, some oxfords, a button-down shirt.”

What would you love to receive as a Valentine’s gift?
“Like I said before, I love little details and gifts that mean something. I just saw these cute little earrings that have the perfect message: ‘It’s the little things that make life beautiful.'”

What will you give your guy this Valentine’s Day?
“My boyfriend has a thing called ‘Wacky Wednesdays,’ where he wears funky socks on Wednesday. I’m still between the raccoon-pattern socks or the burger-pattern socks…Maybe I’ll get them both!”



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