Valentine Tips: Emily Jackson of ‘Ivory Lane’


Stylish, charming, intelligent. Is it just us, or are fashion bloggers the new dream woman? (Sorry, Elaine Benes…and every female character on Friends.)

At the very least, they know their way around a well-appointed date night—which is why we asked a few of our favorites to offer simple tips every man can benefit from this Valentine’s Day. Keep reading for advice from Salt Lake City blogger Emily Jackson of Ivory Lane, a dedicated mom who knows her way around a leopard-print bootie. Tell us more, Emily.

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What would be your ideal date night for Valentine’s Day 2014?
“First, my Valentine’s Day would start with a day-date with my daughter, or what she refers to as ‘lunch with girls!’ Her favorite thing is to go out to lunch with me and my sisters—it’s hilarious. The night would be spent with my husband. We would go to a nice dinner and a sappy romantic-comedy movie.”

Describe your best Valentine’s Day ever.
“My best Valentine’s Day was when my husband surprised me with a last-minute getaway to San Francisco. We slept in, ate, and of course, shopped! I got my first pair of designer heels that day—it doesn’t get much better than that!”

What would you like to see your Valentine wear during your date?
“I would like him to be casual. Jeans and a nice button-up are great with me.”

What would you love to receive as a Valentine’s gift?
“I love to travel! If you give me a plane ticket to somewhere with a beach and a full day to spend with my family, I will love you forever. A close second would be a Michele watch.”

What will you give your guy this Valentine’s Day?
[Ed. note: If you’re Emily’s husband and you’re reading this, please avert your eyes.]
“I got my husband a Burberry watch.”



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