Valentine Tips: Rach Parcell of ‘Pink Peonies’

Stylish, charming, intelligent. Is it just us, or are fashion bloggers the new dream woman? (No offense, Princess Leia.)

At the very least, they know their way around a well-appointed date night—which is why we asked a few of our favorites to offer simple tips every man can benefit from this Valentine’s Day. (It’s TOMORROW, guys, but fear not, you still have time to make it great.) Keep reading for advice from Salt Lake City blogger (and sister to our previous guest) Rach Parcell of Pink Peonies, a girl who appreciates a good omelet, a hand-written note, and an impeccable timepiece. We’re right there with you, Rach.

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What would be your ideal date night for Valentine’s Day 2014?
“My ideal Valentine’s Day would be spending time with my cute hubby. As long as he’s there, I’m good with anything!”

Describe your best Valentine’s Day ever.
“My husband is pretty good, he tends to outdo himself each year. My favorite Valentine’s Day so far was last year. He made me his famous homemade omelets in bed before work. Later that day he surprised me with a bouquet of fresh roses—pink of course! Before dinner, he took me shopping (at Nordstrom to be exact) and let me choose a gift. Then we went to an intimate dinner at my favorite restaurant in SLC, and he gave me the sweetest note (I may have shed a tear or two). I mean, does it get much better than that? I’m a lucky gal!”

What would you love to receive as a Valentine’s gift?
“I’ve always loved everything about fresh flowers. If peonies were in season, that would be at the top of my list! This year, I would love another David Yurman bracelet to add to my stack.”

What will you give your guy this Valentine’s Day?
[Ed. note: Rach’s husband, please close your browser immediately.]
“I hope he’s not reading this! His favorite watch recently broke, so I’m replacing it with a Burberry watch he’s had his eye on for a couple of months.”



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