Valentine Tips: Vanessa Hong of ‘The Haute Pursuit’


Stylish, charming, intelligent. Is it just us, or are fashion bloggers the new dream woman? (You’ve got competition, preggo M.I.A.)

At the very least, they know their way around a well-appointed date night—which is why we asked a few of our favorites to offer simple tips every man can benefit from this Valentine’s Day. Keep reading for advice from Vancouver/New York/Beijing blogger Vanessa Hong of The Haute Pursuit, whose interests include sneakers, camo, leather and lingerie. We’re all ears, Vanessa.

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What would be your ideal date night for Valentine’s Day 2014?
“Something spontaneous. I don’t want to know where I’m going or what we’re doing…just let the night happen!”

Describe your best Valentine’s Day ever.
“Oddly enough, a quiet night in. My man made me a great dinner and we just had a movie-thon!”

What would you like to see your Valentine wear during your date?
“No specifics. Individual, unrestrained style is the best.”

What would you love to receive as a Valentine’s gift?
Lingerie, because it’s one of the most personal gifts you can give someone! Preferably Agent Provocateur.”

What will you give your guy this Valentine’s Day?



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