VFILES: Zachary Ching’s Fave Files

In the words of VFILES retail director Zachary Ching, “VFILES is a global fashion community—a destination where users can shop, explore and curate without inhibition.”

As open-ended and aspirational as that sounds, he’s still under-selling this New York-based brand’s multi-pronged web presence. (A) It’s a killer online shop, which Ching is in charge of—and which we’re excited to highlight at our new Pop-In @ Nordstrom. (B) It’s an online TV channel with a tongue-in-cheek take on fashion. (C) It’s a foundation for the arts, supporting under-the-radar designers. And (D) it’s a Tumblr-esque image-sharing platform frequented by a crème de la crème of creative-industry tastemakers.

Regarding that last item: We asked Ching to share with us a few favorite hashtag’d categories from his own prolific VFILES.com postings. Keep reading for a look at modern masks, Ching’s favorite photographer, and a new twist on the classics.

1. #NOFACE. “This is hands-down my favorite VFILE on the site. It includes one of my favorite fashion moments of all time…The custom Air Jordan masks by London-based designer Nasir Mazhar.” [see more]


2. #DAVIDLaCHAPELLE. “My favorite photographer of all time. My teenage bedroom was wallpapered with his editorials and portraits from Rolling Stone, Details, Spin and Detour magazines. This portrait of Marlyin Manson from the February ’98 issue of Spin is a definite standout for me.” [see more]


3. #SWOOSHART. “This is a Tumblr I came across a few months ago that Photoshops Nike logos into Caravaggio paintings. How could you not love that?!” [see more]

—  —  —

Start your own new favorite file when you sign up at VFILES.com—and find products curated by VFILES retail director Zachary Ching, along with Nordstrom’s Olivia Kim, at our new Pop-In @ Nordstrom.



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