Vintage Inspiration w/ Kenny Thomas of Grayers


Whoever coined the phrase “Never look back” clearly hadn’t heard of Grayers, a brand firmly rooted in the fact that inspiration is everywhere—especially in the past.

Keep reading to see the the vintage gems (from a 40-foot boat to a Japanese blanket) that sparked four key items for spring 2014—as selected, shot, and discussed by Grayers creative director Kenny Thomas.

[Images above via @Grayers on Instagram.
Inspiration photos and quotes below by Kenny Thomas.]

1. Sea Legs. “The inspiration for this sweater’s colorblocking is actually nautically inspired. I live not too far from the Outer Banks in North Carolina. In the winter months, many sport fishermen dry-dock their boats at local marinas. I’d seen a beautiful Ricky Scarborough boat made in Wanchese, North Carolina, that had a Carolina-blue body, but with a dark grey/blue protective paint applied to the hull for protection against barnacles. I loved the patina of the colors and snapped a photo, thinking it would be a cool T-shirt or sweater. I’ve since deleted the original photo, but I drove back out to the marina and shot this 41-foot Grand Banks aft-cabin trawler, which I think illustrates my initial inspiration quite well.”
[Shop: Grayers ‘Onlan’ Colorblock Crewneck Sweater]

2. Fast Times. “This piece was inspired by an authentic leather motorcycle jacket. It’s got all the styling details and the body-conscious fit of my vintage 1960s version. I liked the idea of re-creating it in a dense, two-ply, khaki-colored twill fabric. It’s a great alternative to a basic jacket.”
[Shop: Grayers ‘Thomas’ Khaki Biker Jacket]

3. Class Act. “I love taking fabrics that guys are really familiar with, like French terry cloth or fleece, and using them in interesting ways. We all have multiple crewneck and hoodie sweatshirts; I’m such a hoarder that I still have not only my college and fraternity sweatshirts, but my father’s as well! By putting French terry in a sportcoat body, the look is relaxed and refined.”
[Shop: Grayers ‘Nelson’ Knit Blazer]

4. True Blue. “The inspiration for our indigo T-shirts comes from vintage Japanese textiles that I’ve collected over the years, in the form of blankets and swatches. We reinterpreted some woven stripes into knit jersey, using authentic indigo dyes. A special hangtag is attached, to ensure that the uninitiated indigo buyer learns that it’s a special dye that must be washed separately from light-colored garments. This dobby (or textured) striped T-shirt has a late-1950s vibe, similar to the one a lot of guys will remember Wil Wheaton wearing in the classic movie Stand By Me.”
[Shop: Grayers ‘Baron’ T-shirt in Dark Indigo (L) and Heathered Indigo (R)]



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