Watch This: 5 Ws with Ari Seth Cohen of Advanced Style

If you’re looking for a feel-good winter flick with tons of style and an off-the-charts inspiration value, well, strap yourself into your sweats and get the leftover platter ready now, because you don’t need to look any further.

Advanced Style, the movie based on the fabulously mature women featured in the blog of the same name as well as the ultra charming photographer dedicated to documenting them, is not just a 90-minute endorsement of color-blocking, print-and-pattern mixing and wild accessorizing, it’s an affirmation of life itself.

And check this: we have your exclusive pre-feature cinematic appetizer right here.

Ari Seth Cohen, champion of ageless personal expression, appears here in the second installment of our 5 Ws series.

Image via Advanced Style

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