What Nordstrom’s Social Media Gearhead/Yogi Brings to Fashion Week

When I asked Kent Worthington to let me take a look inside his NYFW gear bag and tell me how he gets kitted out to support our Women’s team with their exclusive backstage reports, I wasn’t expecting him to say this: “I like to build a little shrine in my hotel room using some spiritual earth elements to ground, support and bring me energy during the week.”

Naturally, I needed to know more.

“I try to balance the introvert and extrovert in me. I thrive on outward experiences and creative expression, yet I stay grounded with yoga, meditation and quiet introspection. I really appreciate all the beautiful details and experiences that life brings, and being grounded and present helps me enjoy it even more. I had a great spiritual teacher named Piper Lauri Salogga who has a space on Capitol Hill here in Seattle. She’s been instrumental in guiding me on my journey for over fifteen years.”

Here’s our Social Media pro’s annotated list of new and ancient must-have Fashion Week technology.

-The item that looks like a cross is a double Vajra. It’s the symbol of the void for all consciousness and supports the entire universe. It represents the realm of all possibility and all creativity that comes into being.

Incense is the representation of air, which is the first breath or the first impulse of life, and also the connection to clear thinking, to wisdom through intuition.

Candles represent fire, of course. This symbolizes the connection to heart, to passion, to enthusiasm, and is the impulse that comes out of the first breath of air moving into the energy of fire.

-The little blue vile holds sacred water from a temple in Peru, which represents the flow of all of life.

Snakeskin represents the idea that everything must be fulfilled and have movement and must be full before it comes into physical being. All creatures, all beings, all of life, all of creativity coming into form on the earth. Snakeskin is a symbol of earth.

Chestnut represents wood coming off the tree, and wood is the creative force that comes from the earth, pushing up out of the earth into being.

Tara is the Hindu figure who connects with the clarity of metal; Tara is also the symbol of loving spiritual belief.

-I wear the Mala beads on my left wrist as a reminder that all of life is connected.

Crystal represents clarity and purity.

-I can’t live without some magnesium supplements, which certainly have a calming effect during a busy week. Of course I need my seven-day pack of vitamins to keep me in a high-functioning state. My naturopath would be proud.

-I love this Sony RX100 ii. It’s got a Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T* f/1.8 lens, but the best part is that it has built in Wi-Fi so I can take images and upload them directly to my phone. It takes great shots consistently, though I must admit I feel a little shy shooting with such a small camera when everyone else backstage has huge cameras with multiple lenses. No camera envy here though, and if the The New York Times says it’s the best pocket camera ever, that’s good enough for me.

-With the 12-megapixel 35mm sensor, the Sony A7S full-frame mirrorless camera is able to shoot in very low light (or no light at all). Sony is not messing around with this camera. It’s serious. Built in Wi-Fi too!

-My portable LaCie hard drive is my workhorse for storing images. In the hotel room, I hook the drive up and download the day’s photos for review and touchup. Someday I’ll move these images to the cloud, but for now this works for me.

-The blue fleece puppy dog hat was handmade by my daughter, and I take it with me everywhere as a reminder of her. I never thought a piece of fleece could be so sentimental.

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—Laura Cassidy

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