What to Buy for Father’s Day | Briefcase Grill

grill-strappedShop: briefcase grill | top 100 father’s day gifts

This charcoal briefcase grill by RS Barcelona is dead simple to use, clearly great-looking–and crucial for enjoying after-work dogs at the nearest park.

After falling under its spell, it occurred to us.

Surefire Father’s Day gift. 

True story: Last time we took it to the beach, a group of women eyed the grilling station and, eventually, Amy introduced herself to ask what the product was and where it could be purchased. We directed her to our Poolside Pop-In@Nordstrom, either in person or online. She said it would be the perfect Father’s Day gift for her husband.

Our thought exactly, Amy.

Check this bad boy in action:

charcoal-liftgrill-fire2All the parts are inside: charcoal tray, ash collector (underneath the tray) and grilling tool to lift the hot objects.

spread-the-coalsSpread the coals around. Next step: set the grill on top and start cookin’.



flipping-dogs4Looka the flippa the dog.



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