What to Buy for Father’s Day | Tie Bar Style Box


Stay tuned to this blog in advance of Father’s Day on June 21, because we’re going to hit you with can’t-miss gift ideas for Dad.

You didn’t forget, right?


Let’s start with this Nordstrom-exclusive Tie Bar Style Box. Recommended for dads who wear suits. One way to refresh your look if you’re a suit-wearer is to buy a new suit. Another way is to give new life to an already-owned suit, by styling it with fresh accessories. That’s what this Tie Bar Style Box accomplishes in one fell swoop.

Give Dad this lavender-toned box of socks, pocket squares, neckties and a bow tie, and tell him to wear it with anything blue. And brown shoes.

Let’s take a closer look inside the box, shall we?

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Dad knows how to tie a tie. But just in case, show him this.


Remember: tell him to wear brown shoes. He will want to go black–and yes, that will work. In a formal situation it will work perfectly. But brown will be so much better for his regular suited life. The subtle contrast will make the lavender pop. The style statement will be clearer. Dad will shine.


OK, nobody knows how to tie a bow tie. But it’s not hard! Scope this video, watch it together, and have an educational hangout. A bow tie is a classic suiting accessory having a rich second life in this Millennium. Tell Dad he’ll look like Dwyane Wade. He’ll know who that is and be stoked.

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  • Joey June 15, 2015, 10:40 am

    not quite unboxing, but I like anyway!

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