X’s and O’s: Get a Valentine’s Game Plan

Mark Antony and Cleopatra. Romeo and Juliet. Johnny and Winona. Basically the best example of star-crossed romance in the modern era—and did you know they called it quits because Depp flubbed up Valentine’s Day? Not really. But if you ruin the most romantic day of the year, you could end up with an irrelevant tattoo just like he did. Step 1: DON’T FORGET. The big day is a week from today—next Thursday, February 14. Step 2: Listen to any of our savvy coworkers below, who were kind enough to impart feminine wisdom on the ideal Valentine’s Day, including date ideas, what to wear, and the right gifts to give.

Courtesy of Kathleen P. – Marketing Project Manager

GO: “Last year, my boyfriend came over to my place and cooked dinner for me—featuring my favorite cut of steak: rib eye, bone-in, lip-on (I more or less like it black and blue). The steaks were so large that they each needed their own 10-inch skillet (seared on the stove top, finished in the oven). He also made a butternut squash risotto with rosemary, and roasted asparagus—it was a beautiful meal. I loved staying in and having my man cook for me in my kitchen.” [Steak image courtesy of BonAppetit.com.]

WEAR: “A collared shirt in soft cotton—perhaps chambray—under this Rag & Bone cardigan; Bonobos slim-straight chinos in grey, pegged at the bottom; To Boot New York oxfords (or a pair of true vintage oxfords).”

GIVE: “Anything by Alexis Bittar. My BF has excellent taste and doesn’t need any direction, but if I had to select one thing, I love this piece from the Miss Havisham collection—it’s a little bit edgy, a little bit arty, interesting but also practical because it’s lightweight and comfortable. It’s strong enough to stand alone, and could be the only thing one puts on—which could be perfect for Valentine’s Day.”


Courtesy of Ashley H. – Associate Stylist

GO: “Dinner at Bar Sajor, Matt Dillon’s new restaurant.”
[Ed. note: That’s Matt Dillon the chef, not the actor. Oh, and pronounce the name of the place SIGH-your, lest you quickly delete any coolness points you might have accumulated.]

WEAR: “A Canadian suit…this A.P.C. shirt and jacket.”

GIVE: “This Comme des Garçons wallet.”


Courtesy of Destiny F. – Senior Editorial Stylist

GO: “Any spot where you can enjoy a bonfire on the beach.”

WEAR: “Something casual. I am guessing/hoping it would be a chilly February evening, so layers. Jeans, cardigan or hoodie, maybe a denim jacket as well.”

GIVE: “Honestly, my parents usually send me a Starbucks or iTunes gift card for Valentine’s Day every year, and it makes me extremely happy! Free coffee and free tunes…nothing is better. And, last year for Valentine’s Day, I gave my boyfriend (long-distance relationship) a ‘Girlfriend in a Bottle’—I wouldn’t mind receiving my own ‘Boyfriend in a Bottle.'”

[Ed. note: She was serious when she said Starbucks or iTunes—but if your significant other is more particular, a Nordstrom Gift Card might be in order.]


Courtesy of Sonya W. – Manager of Emerging Media Group + Test Team

GO: “I guess would like to be in Oslo for Valentine’s Day…And I say that because I will be there on Valentine’s Day! There’s a music festival in Oslo, so I’m tagging along on Tony’s ‘work’ trip [Ed. note: Sonya’s husband works at Sub Pop Records, and offered us a cool music pick once]. I went once before in 2007, when it was in Trondheim, Norway.”

WEAR: “I’d suggest my husband wear this Moncler down parka, since it will be below 20 degrees while we’re there.”

GIVE: “I wouldn’t mind if someone gave me these Lanvin oxfords for Valentine’s Day—or any day, for that matter.”


…And stay tuned for more Valentine’s tips in the days to come.

[Images: Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder via The White Review; Bonfire via; Medieval Oslo map via Wikipedia. Individuals pictured do not endorse Nordstrom.]

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