Brideology: Big Day Prep

Married lady Cara shares the details of the days leading up to the wedding, prepping mind and body.

While I’m waiting to get my photos back from the photographer, I thought I’d share a few details of the last couple days leading up to the wedding. They were definitely a mix of stress and fun, with family in town and lots left to do!

I took two days off work before the big day, and on Thursday my mom, sister and I had a fun afternoon at the Nordstrom Spa. I hardly ever do spa treatments but I thought, If not now, when?

I had an amazing facial, focusing on hydration because I knew my skin was showing wedding-week stress. It was pretty incredible…I felt like it lasted forever, with so many relaxing and delicious-smelling treatments. I also realized that I hadn’t been alone all week, and in that warm room with no sound except for a little music, it was just so peaceful. I have to say my skin was looking fresh and shiny afterwards! This might be the beginning of an addiction…

My mom and sister joined me for mani-pedis with the awesome team at the spa—we laughed with them the whole time, which helped with our jitters. Here my sis Haley and I are getting our essie wedding colors on. They turned out great!


(Side note: The entire week before the wedding I was so afraid of getting sick I drank Emergen-C and tons of water every day. I think it really helped! I actually felt healthy and rested despite late nights and crazy days working and doing last-minute tasks. Brides, take note: Water is your BFF!)

The rest of Thursday night Drew and I spent packing up sooooo much stuff to take to the venue. We’re talking over 300 drinking jars, stacks of tablecloths, boxes of decorations, centerpieces: DIY doesn’t just mean “do it yourself” but TAKE it yourself too! It was definitely overwhelming to do so much packing when I really just wanted to crawl into bed.

Before we finally turned in for the night, we went outside to look at the city and take a minute to acknowledge our last night at home as fiancés. It was such a weird feeling to know that such a significant change in our long relationship was just around the corner.

Look for more next week—the kickoff to the wedding! (I have to admit I’m going to miss writing about the wedding, so don’t mind me as I draw this out…)


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