Brideology: The Realities

Bride-to-be Cara is officially in wedding countdown mode!

As the big day gets closer and closer, I’m having moments of both peace and panic. Everyone is telling me I seem very calm and “zen” about it all, and I am…most of the time!

I’ve been making an effort to just accept the highs, lows and last-minute stressors. The fact is, some things are just going to happen and you really can’t do anything about it. Here are a few “realities” I’ve been experiencing. Perhaps getting them all out here will be helpful for other brides-to-be!

You may rip your dress at your final fitting. Yep! I put it on, loved it, twirled around, sat down–riiiipp. Luckily it was just a hook-and-eye that tore off and it didn’t cause too much damage, but STILL not a great sound to hear. But it could be worse! Also, it reminded me to bring a sewing kit for the day of, just in case!

You may have crazy wedding dreams, including: your whole wedding has been planned without you; you’re about to walk down the aisle and see your ex-boyfriend; you’re at your own wedding but all the guests are strangers. At this point, I’ve decided to toss out my dream decoding book and just forget them. Not even worth it.

You may not have lost those final few pounds. You know those people who say they are in the best shape of their life at their wedding? Well, good for them. But doesn’t that mean it’s all downhill after that? At least I can say that I have plenty of time to get in “the best shape of my life”, because I’m pretty sure it’s not now. Again, best not to dwell on it! It’s not like your fiancé doesn’t already know and love exactly what you look like.

You may not be totally sure who is going to attend your wedding. I hear this is very common. Some people just never RSVP and some people won’t show up. Try not to be offended, and just send them a bill later for their meal. Kidding! Again, focus on those who are there and be grateful for the time you get to spend with them.

You may have to give up that decoration or last-minute idea. Remember those napkins I was going to make? Yeah, that’s definitely not happening! Some things are really not worth the time and effort, as hard as it is to accept. You have to give yourself a break. It’s not like people are going to walk away from the wedding saying, “Wow, those were some great napkins.” At least I hope that’s not what they’re focusing on!

Your fiancé may suddenly become extremely helpful…causing you to wonder if someone is playing a trick on you. He may show signs of organization, attentiveness and even interest in crafts. This might not be normal, but I’m going to go ahead and accept it. Really, I think my fiancé has been amazing, especially lately. It’s truly a joint effort, and more fun that way.

I’m sure there are many many more things I’m going to encounter as I get even closer to the wedding day, but hopefully I can continue to be “zen”–-or at least look like it! Maybe I need to get a facial or massage so I really look relaxed…hmmm….

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  • Dani August 2, 2013, 12:43 pm

    Thanks for this post! I really needed to hear this!

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