Brideology: Wedding Weekend Begins

The day is here: Cara shares the beginning of her wedding weekend as her Brideology blog comes to a close.

As I’m getting ready to share pictures from our wedding day, so many awesome memories are coming back to me! I’m thinking back to Friday, the day before the wedding. It was such a good day, despite the fact that was pouring rain–one of the only rainy days in weeks of sun in Seattle. I was definitely worried about Saturday but I was trying reallllly hard to go by the mantra “accept the things you cannot change.”

We had our whole team of bridesmaids, groomsmen and family out at the venue with us, helping to decorate and get ready for the rehearsal and dinner. One of the big tasks was making our bouquets. After a trip to Pike Place Market that morning (famous for it’s rows of farm fresh flowers) I had literally an entire car full of flowers. I couldn’t say ‘no’ to anything once I got to the market–I didn’t even care about a palette anymore, I just wanted tons of flowers!

At the venue we put all the flowers in buckets and started mixing and matching for the arrangements. At first I think my girls were a little nervous, but soon were excited to choose the blooms they liked best. Heidi and Candice were also tasked with making boutonnières, so they watched a quick YouTube video how-to and got to work. Amazing!

One of the sweetest things was that my parents brought over a few flowers from their house, so I had hydrangeas in my bouquet from my childhood home!


Remember the arbor my dad was making back when I wrote about our DIY projects? Well, he hauled it over on his car and re-assembled it at the venue. My sister and her boyfriend decorated it with flowers and it was just exactly what I had envisioned–but better because of the personal work that went into it.

After decorating, it was time for the rehearsal. I had bought a cute little white dress to wear but it was still raining so hard, so our attire ended up being jackets, jeans and tennis shoes! Obviously, our run-throughs were quick and comical!

I decided to change into my white dress for dinner; even though I was freezing, it was my once chance! We had a mobile pizza truck come out to make pizzas on the spot, and my mother-in-law brought a delicious homemade Norwegian cake. We all ate at a big table under strands of lights with our wedding flowers decorating the table. It was so relaxed, casual and fun to have everyone together.

After dinner we worked on more projects–I wrote last minute signs, added pictures to our frame, and finally worked on my flower crown while drinking wine with everyone around the fireplace.

It was an awesome day—until I got extremely nervous as I was getting ready for bed! All the emotions hit me at once and I was a bit of a wreck. Luckily a quick pep talk from my groom, and then snuggling in bed with my sister helped me calm down. (But brides, be warned, your emotions can sneak up on you!) Finally I fell asleep and woke up ready for the big day, with no nerves at all!

More to come!



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