Brideology: Yes to the Dress

Bride-to-be Cara shares a major wedding milestone: finding her wedding dress!

I have been meaning to share this post for a while now, but all this darn wedding planning is getting in the way of my writing! Even though it’s long overdue, I still have to share my excitement about saying YES to my wedding dress!

I’ll start off with my shopping experience. I know I’m a bit spoiled because I see really gorgeous gowns every day via my job. I am also lucky to work with a team of very knowledgeable and stylish people, including the lovely downtown Seattle Nordstrom wedding stylists. However, all of this wedding amazingness was a bit overwhelming, and made it really hard for me to choose a dress. There are just so many styles, and I found myself loving more of them than I expected!

I also had the added option of wearing my grandma’s or my mom’s dress. I really struggled with this—I loved the meaning behind the concept, and they are both beautiful and unique—but every time I tried on one of their gowns, I felt like I was playing dress-up. They didn’t feel like ME. I eventually decided I wanted a dress to call my own.

And so I tried on SO MANY DRESSES. I started out not really having a specific idea of what I wanted. I just knew I wasn’t a sparkle or pouf kind of girl! I was open to trying on different styles, but was still surprised by a few that I didn’t love when they were on the rack but that I liked when I tried them on—and vice versa. (Brides, take note: be open minded! It’s hard to tell what sample dresses will look like until you actually try them on.)

I ended up finding that the best dresses for my 5’4’’ frame are A-line or a trumpet skirts and sweetheart necklines. And of course, there were tons of those to choose from! Below are a few of my runners up. These were all such pretty dresses in different ways, but at the end of the day, none of them were The One.


One day, I stopped by trunk show at the Wedding Suite, where designer Olia Zavozina was showing her dresses for the weekend. (Brides, take note again: check out trunk shows! They’re a great opportunity to see gowns that are not normally sold in the store, and often you can meet a representative from the brand as well.)

I got to meet Olia in person, which was such a treat—she’s an enviable combo of cool and adorable at the same time. And clearly so talented! The wedding stylists knew my style very well and pulled out a dress they thought I’d love. And, oh, I did! The color, the shape and the fabric were all perfect.

I tried the dress on, texted a couple pictures to my mom and decided to go for it right then and there! I was so excited. (And I was definitely ready to decide, with only three months until the wedding!)

I’m thrilled with my choice. The dress is light and comfortable, and I feel like myself in it. Of course, I can’t share the photos quite yet… but here’s a sneak peek at my favorite part of this unique gown: the fabric!

Now I have the dress in my possession—hanging in my bedroom with a sticky note saying “Do not look or else!” to my fiancé—and it all feels so real!

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