A Wedding Day Gift Idea We Love

Is it necessary to exchange gifts as a couple the day of the wedding? We hear this question a lot. You already have some gorgeous bling on your finger, and you may be spending plenty of your hard-earned money on the wedding itself, so it’s natural that you might wonder what’s appropriate for gift-giving on the big day. Although we’ve heard of some truly amazing big gifts, we think the idea of a small, sweet gesture sounds perfect, like this idea from one of the recent brides on our team!

Getting inspiration from Pinterest (a bride’s BFF, right?), our bride put together this “survival kit” for her groom. It was an easy, personal and inexpensive way to let him know she was thinking of him and help him out through the day. (We especially love the “Lifesavers” line!) The couple also wrote each other sincere notes to commemorate the day, which they will always treasure.

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