Guest Post: SnapKnot’s Engagement Photo Tips

Our friends at SnapKnot are back with more fabulous photography tips for couples. This time, SnapKnot photographers are sharing ideas on where to take engagement photos.

Location, location, location! When it comes to choosing where to have your engagement photo session, there are several things to consider in order to make the most of this special shoot (really, it’s the fun part).

1. Choose somewhere special.
“The more meaningful the location, the more you will love your images and the better they will tell your story.”
Dawn Nash Photography

A few specific ideas:
-Where you had your first date
-Where you had your first kiss
-Where you got engaged
-A destination that you love to get away to
-A locale that incorporates shared hobbies or interests (hiking, sports teams, etc.)

Nathan Moreau Photography

2. Determine your style.
“Having your wedding in the city? Then why not do a country- or rustic-themed engagement session, just to mix it up? Or, if you’re having a large ceremony in a beautiful cathedral, then consider an urban-grunge engagement session, if that suits your taste.”
– Jessica Chapman of Brio Media Photography & Design

Medcalf Photography

3. Be realistic, and make sure to check out the location beforehand.
“It is important to find a spot that reflects your love and a place where you’ll both feel comfortable. There is no such thing as an ugly location… there is beauty everywhere.”
– Eugenio Williams, The Wedding Traveler

The Wedding Traveler

4. Be creative.
“Think of all the creative locations that incorporate great architecture that you may not have access to on your wedding day. Consider creating a storyboard using images from magazines and posters that inspire you.”
– Jessica Chapman of Brio Media Photography & Design

Medcalf Photography

Don’t have a photographer yet? Check out SnapKnot’s list of local photographers, and in case you missed it, SnapKnot’s Top 10 Tips for wedding day photos.

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