Five Tips for Using Social Media at Weddings

If you’ve been a guest at a wedding recently, you’ve probably seen a big sign of the times: the presence of social media. Couples are using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and various apps throughout the planning process, and now these tools are having more of a role in the big day itself.

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While many have mixed feelings about social media and wedding etiquette, we say that if you’re embracing the trend, then just make sure you’re thinking about all the details! Here are our tips for using social media at your wedding:

1. Ask guests to turn off their cell phones during the ceremony. It’s okay to be clear that you don’t want guests taking photos here, especially when you paid a pretty penny for a photographer! It can be distracting and noisy. Put a note in the program or ask a trusted friend to help spread the word prior to the ceremony.

2. But encourage photos at the reception! People will want to document the fun times, and trust us—you’ll want every moment captured, no matter how amateur the photos are!

3. Communicate your photo-sharing method clearly so your guests don’t miss it. A unique Instagram hashtag can be a fun way to show your personality and share photos, or if you prefer a more private method, set up a Capsule account with your own code. Just remember to publish it somewhere, like a on a welcome sign or program—or this cute drink stirrer idea, below!

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4. Check your privacy settings on your social networks. You can increase them even if it’s just for the day of–like requiring approval for friends to tag you in Facebook photos. That way, you have some control and can avoid that less-than-perfect shot showing up on your profile before the night is even over.

5. Take a break from your own social media profiles for the day. The day goes by very fast, so do everything you can to focus and be present. Put your phone away. You’ll have plenty of time on the honeymoon to update your Facebook status!

Tell us if you’ve encountered any good or bad social media trends at weddings, or how you handled it at your own!

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