Amsale Aberra

The much-adored bridal designer Amsale Aberra spent some time telling us her top five favorite things about New York City, tips for brides on selecting bridesmaid dresses, where she finds inspiration and more.


What is the one question you always get asked by brides-to-be, and what do you tell them?
The modern-day bride doesn’t ask too many questions. They are so well informed and prepared when they start gown-shopping that they know exactly what they want.

What do you love most about the spring 2016 collections?
My favorite part about the spring 2016 collections is that they all have a clear point of view. Seeing the collections continue to evolve and take on their own identity is what truly excites me.

What are five favorite things about New York City that you’d share with a visitor who’s never been, to show them ‘your’ New York?

  1. Times Square. When you drive through the city, particularly Times Square, seeing all of the people and bright lights just says “New York”.
  2. The Hudson River. Getting away from the city and seeing the nature that surrounds; you can see the natural beauty New York has to offer.
  3. Madison Avenue. For people who love fashion it’s exciting to see an entire avenue filled with luxury fashion. For the non-fashion crowd, they can’t believe a pocketbook cost $20,000!
  4. The Statue of Liberty. To see how strong a symbol the Statue of Liberty is for such a tiny island can be very compelling to any traveler.
  5. Food. You can never run out of ideas. You can get whatever you want, whenever you want.

You started your career after designing your very own wedding dress. What did you learn and/or believe at the time that stays with you even until today, as you continue designing gowns and dresses?
How important a wedding dress is for a bride. This is a momentous occasion that only happens once in a woman’s life. I take pride in the ability to be part of her day and take designing such an important gown very seriously.

As a designer and creative individual, where do you find yourself going for inspiration?
My mind is always going. Just living in New York City, I’m inspired everyday by everyone. It’s a big source of inspiration. I’m also creative under stress, so an intense environment can sometimes be helpful. Whether it’s developing a new collection or planning our next fashion show, the stress can be exciting and brings out my creativity.

What are your most important tips for brides selecting dresses for their bridesmaids?
Bridesmaids set the tone for the entire wedding—they are the first people your guests see at the ceremony and they are one of the most significant elements of the entire event. They also bring a lot of life to the party. That is why you should dress them in gowns that make them feel gorgeous and confident.

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