Did you just get engaged? Congratulations! You’re starting one of the most unique and exciting times in your life—celebrating, planning and celebrating more! Make the most of it all with our 8 helpful tips below:

1. Take a deep breath, smile and say to yourself and your honey: “This will be FUN.” Make a pact to remind each other of that any time you start to feel stressed during the planning process.

2. You’ll be staring at your new bling—and showing it off—quite a bit in the coming weeks. So dress up your digits with a manicure at a Nordstrom Spa near you or DIY with a pretty polish.

3. Have an inspiration party! Get your girlfriends together to binge on bridal blogs, Pinterest and magazines. Married or single, they’ll never turn down a chance to drink wine and look at beautiful wedding ideas!

4. Start a Pinterest board…or change your secret “Someday” board to “The Big Day Is Here!” Follow us on Pinterest for endless inspiration and check out some of our other favorite boards too.

5. Look at real weddings for ideas on themes, colors, DIY projects, bridesmaid looks—and of course, wedding dresses!

6. With engagement parties, bridal showers and bachelorette parties coming up, treat yourself to a cute little white dress. Get ready to party and don’t be afraid to wear white to every event!

7. Have date-night planning sessions with your fiancé! Go out to dinner or get coffee while you talk about ideas. Budget conversations will be much more fun this way!

8. Start dress shopping! It’s never too early—even if you don’t have a venue or a date, you can start discovering what styles you love. Browse online lookbooks, find a Wedding Suite near you and make an appointment with a free Wedding Stylist. Trust us, she’ll become your bridal BFF, handing ALL of the attire for you and your wedding party!

HeroA dress-shopping selfie is a must!

And finally, check back here for inspirational articles each day as you plan your wedding. Any questions? Comment below and we’ll give our best suggestions and advice!

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Jori and Brett’s engagement has a special place in our hearts—he asked her to marry him at our Nordstrom store in Atlanta! (Ladies, a shopping trip AND a proposal! What could be better?!)

While Jori was shopping with a friend, little did she know that her boyfriend, Brett, along with her friend and even her Nordstrom stylist, were all three in on a big secret! As Jori was trying on dresses, a special box was placed outside her door. When she found it, she saw notes and mementos, including a glass slipper with a beautiful engagement ring in it. When Brett appeared, he asked her to marry him right there in the dressing room! Of course, she said, “yes!”

Jori and Brett joked that there are “no returns—ever!” on what they got from Nordstrom that day!

Congratulations to this happy couple. We’re wishing them a lifetime of happiness!


We usually share wedding stories here on the blog, but we can never pass up a good engagement story! (It’s safe to say we just love LOVE!) And we know you’ll enjoy the story of Steve and Samantha:

Sam’s version of how they met: We met in the winter of 2010. I had just gotten off work and a friend talked me into going to a karaoke bar with her. I arrived and immediately saw Steve. He was dressed great, wearing a Brixton hat, and I said to my friend, “That guy is so cute.”

I kept trying to give him “the look” to initiate a conversation, and he kept looking over at me, but wouldn’t approach me. He ended up singing a Ginuwine (yes, that amazing one-hit wonder from the ’90s) song, and I was even more convinced that I had to talk to this guy. I introduced myself, we talked and laughed, and he got my number!

From there, we started building a friendship and dating, and it just never stopped. He’s the most patient and kind person I have ever met, and hilarious. He’s just the best person…for me.

Steve’s version of how they met: It was only a matter of time before Samantha and I would cross paths. Funny enough, it was at karaoke of all places! I knew the moment that she walked in that I had to meet her. I figured singing a funny ’90s R & B song would be a great way to break the ice.

We later learned that we had a mutual group of friends that frequented that bar every Monday evening. For the next few months, karaoke became the excuse to see each other.

After bonding over childhood TV shows, music, and Ray-Ban sunglasses, we started dating and never looked back. She is the perfect piece of the puzzle. I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with Samantha.

The Engagement: It was our two-year anniversary, December 6, 2012. Steve made us a reservation at The Pink Door restaurant, at the “lovers” table. He had the ring in his sock at dinner, and at some point got up and handed it off to the waitress.

After a romantic dinner and drinks, the waitress came up with champagne and dessert and said “A little birdie told me it was your anniversary tonight.” I immediately thought “Ah! That’s so sweet.” Then I realized there was a little tin with flowers sitting there. The next hour is pretty much a blur. He asked me to marry him; the restaurant clapped, I cried, and could not stop smiling.

To top off the night, he had one of my best friends (and future bridesmaid) coordinate a surprise engagement party for us at our house. I was beyond shocked. I am impossible to surprise, and the whole night was just filled with one thing after the next. Best day of my life!

Congrats to this happy couple! We’re sure it will be an amazing wedding–and there better be karaoke!

If you just got engaged, be sure to check out our handy checklist to help guide you! Our free wedding stylists will also work with you every step of the way.

Photography by Ellie Arciaga, A Darling Felicity

Flowers by Melissa Cushman Floral Design



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Warning: The following ridiculously creative videos of guys proposing to their ladies are probably best watched with some tissues at the ready. We may or may not have already gone through half a box as we scoured the internet for new and old best wedding proposal videos.

We think these should be requisite viewing material for anyone thinking of popping the question. After all, what’s one of the most-asked questions of new brides-to-be? It’s: “How did he propose.” Here are a handful of our favorite, inspiring proposal stories–they’re high bars to match and worth every minute of watching.

A snowy mountain scene and time-lapse filming make for one short, but very sweet engagement story.

We predict big things for this new gem posted just last month.

Over 17 million views, and we can see why; it’s definitely worth watching again and again.

Another lip-dub proposal…plus about 500 friends and a classic beach setting.

A proposal in the middle of a Glee-style flashmob just across from our very own Seattle Flagship Store.

Scavenger hunts are a popular way to propose…this is a good example of why.

A holiday-theme proposal complete with a Christmas tree park, a thoughtful groom-to-be and one excited pup.

One creative guy’s stop-motion film proposal. Who knew crayons could be so romantic?

Our congratulations to all the happy couples. After proposals like this, we can only imagine what’s in store for their wedding day!

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Cara, our resident Bridal Project Manager is engaged. Congrats, Cara! We thought it was a perfect opportunity to have her share her journey–from just-betrothed to blushing bride–in our new feature: Brideology.

The ring shot. I am in love with it! Designed by Cathy Waterman.

Hi everyone! I’m Cara, and I’m a new bride-to-be. I am so excited to be starting this series on the Wedding Suite Blog; I think it will be a great way to connect with other brides-to-be (whether that’s “to be” soon or “to be” sometime in the future!) It will also be good way to document all the planning, since I’m sure it will go so fast.

I hope to share the big, small, happy, frustrating, confusing, exciting stuff along the way…with plenty of pictures, of course!

My birthday and the day of our engagement! An incredible day filled with family, friends, food, cake and sun!

About me: I’ve been working on the Nordstrom Weddings team for a year now, which is a totally amazing, challenging, and fun experience. I’m surrounded by everything “wedding” all day long…pretty dreamy, right? And now I just got engaged–which means it suddenly all applies to me. I feel SO lucky to be surrounded by such wedding experts and great people…and to get to learn from other brides!

My weddings team getting in the spirit at a bridal event professing our love for our jobs!

As far as planning goes, my fiancé and I are really starting from square one. We hadn’t talked about wedding ideas before getting engaged, and I have to admit I was never the girl who started planning her “dream wedding” as a child.

Now I’m seeing there are so many different directions to go in! So many choices! I guess you could say it’s a bit overwhelming…but I think it’ll also be fun to explore it all and figure out what’s right for us.

Sunset on the day he proposed.

Can’t wait to share more in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

P.S. I’m capturing pics of the process and things that inspire me on Instagram. Follow me @Brideology!