Father of the bride; Father’s Day

This Sunday is Father’s Day, so we’ve put together a tribute to all the awesome dads out there (with a wedding-related twist, of course). While planning all the little details may not be most fathers’ forte, many men are excited to be very involved in the wedding. From traditions like walking the bride down the aisle to more modern roles like officiating the ceremony, dads can take a bit of the big day spotlight—as they well deserve!

Here’s a roundup of our favorite father-daughter wedding moments captured by SnapKnot photographers. Is it just us, or do these teary dads make you tear up a little yourself? We needed one really lighthearted photo in the mix, or else we’d have a full-on cry fest.

“At Christina and Dave’s wedding, only her father was there to see his little girl walk down the steps in her wedding dress. It was one of the most special “first look” moments between a dad and his daughter that I have ever witnessed! I’m so happy I was able to capture Dad’s expression of pure joy seeing his only daughter ready to get married!” —Vanessa Joy Photography


8twenty8 Studios


Ken Cravillion Photography

“This shot was taken right before the bride and her father walked out into the ceremony. There was a five-minute waiting period before the doors opened to let the bride and her father enjoy a special moment alone.” —8twenty8 Studios

Paired Images

“This shot is a fun reminder that it doesn’t always have to be a somber moment between a father and his daughter on the wedding day. Here are the bride and her father dancing to “Gangnam Style” by PSY. Even though the father of the bride had a broken foot, that did not stop him from having a great time!” —8twenty8 Studios

Whether it’s a toast to him, a small gift, playing his favorite song or just the traditional first dance, your wedding day provides many great opportunities to make Dad feel special and appreciated.

Need some inspiration? Check out our Father’s Day gift guide for ideas on gifts under $50 and the top 25 gifts.

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