Summer’s almost here, and as such, so is primetime wedding season! We feel for all the brides (and grooms) out there who are running the last-minute errands on their to-do lists! One of the many 11th-hour items on any couple’s agenda is making a decision on the cake. Our friends at SnapKnot provided us with some of their favorite cake shots for inspiration (plus a couple of cookies and pies, for the less-traditional path). Just look at all the different ways to incorporate a sweet treat into your wedding!


A pop of pink peonies and some subtle sequins highlight this cake’s feminine theme. Photos by: Thompson Pictures


These little love birds are adorable and romantic, and the script in white icing is a clever way to add texture. Photo by: MoHa Photography


Elegance takes center stage with this cake, which conjures up the concept of cherry blossoms coming into bloom. Photo by: Liz Caruana Weddings


Sophistication and simplicity allow this cheeky cake-topper to shine. Photo by: Sherri J Photography


Classic and romantic, this shot captures a small but stunning wedding cake. Photo by: Palm Beach Photography


Presentation is everything, and this scene shows how the rustic display draws attention, leaving guests salivating for cake time. Photo by: Blume Photography


Who says the sweets must be limited to cake? This shot shows that cookies can be a cute alternative. Photo by: Creatrix Photography


The devil’s in the details of this colorful cake, with vibrant flowers and a braided chocolate mousse ribbon on a layered confection. Photo by: Creatrix Photography


Let them eat…mini-pies and pudding! These treats prove that when it comes to dessert, anything goes. Photo by: Creatrix Photography


With lace-like details and a pearl-esque ribbon, this cake gives the wedding gown a run for its money. Photo by: The Story Telling Experience


Why not do a dessert buffet? This display shows that by allowing guests to help themselves, you can offer a little something for everyone. Photo by: Sherri J Photography


On the day after a big event—say, oh, a wedding—it’s only natural to want to see pictures right away. While your professional photographer will take a few weeks to process images, you know your guests had their phones and cameras out all night, snapping away! You can start texting or e-mailing, asking people to send photos so you can relive the experience. Or you can prepare ahead of time and use the easy way: Capsule.


This is the kind of moment you want to see—make it easy for your friends to share the photo with you.

Capsule lets guests instantly add digital photos to an album you set up, so all of your wedding photos are in one place, automatically. Users can either add photos from a mobile device through the CapsuleCam app, upload to the web version from a computer or pull in Instagram photos using a specific hashtag. Easy and quick!

You control who sees the photos using a code specific to your album. Just let your guests know the code (put it on a sign, add it to a program, link to it from your wedding website or use Capsule’s custom cards). Friends and family can make comments, share images on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, and even order prints through the Capsule Marketplace.

Right now, Capsule is holding a Pinterest contest for a chance to win an iPad Mini! Think about your favorite color schemes, a DIY project, a creative cake or your dream Nordstrom wedding dress and build your board. Visit the Capsule blog for more information and start pinning away.



Our friends at SnapKnot share great ideas and helpful tips for your wedding party pics, straight from the experts who have photographed hundreds of bridesmaids and groomsmen!

“Capturing great wedding party portraits is essential for a properly-documented wedding. After all, these bridesmaids and groomsmen were hand-selected by the bride and groom, and are therefore a very important element in their special occasion!

Here, we’ve rounded up inspiration in posing, grouping, locations, styles and more. Some are traditional, some are playful. Some tell a story, and some are more formal. Whichever the case, all of the images are of fun, amazing couples (documented by our talented wedding photographers) that should help get the wheels turning for planning your own wedding party shoot. Enjoy!”

So happy you could float away…balloons make great props with pop of color and a dash of fun, in this shot by Gigi Hickman Photography.


Hide the bridesmaid? A playful shot with bouquets by 8twenty8 Studios.

These shoes were made for walking…toward the camera. From 8twenty8 Studios.

You can feel the love and happiness in this candid shot by Rima Campbell Photography.

Things are looking up! Great angle of the whole party by Joanna Moss Photography.

Groomsmen looking dapper and serious in a black and white by Misty Enright Photography.

Bride and groom making a run for it! A fun photo by Rima Campbell Photography.

Groomsmen caught just hangin’ out by Blackall Photography.

Head over to SnapKnot for more ideas, or search for a wedding photographer through their easy location and cost-based guide.


Wedding planning can often be overwhelming, with so many decisions to make and all those choices! That’s one reason we love SnapKnot, the online directory that makes picking out your wedding photographer easy. With a diverse selection of professionals all over the country, you can search the site according to the 3 most important factors: city, budget, and style. Plus, you can create a favorites list to keep your top choices organized.

To make planning even easier, we invited SnapKnot’s experienced wedding photographers to share their top tips. Trust us, you’ll want to bookmark this page and save them all!

1. “If photography is in the top 3 of your most important vendors, look online for a photographer and don’t even glance at their pricing to start. Then, select 3 photographers whose work you LOVE. After they’re chosen, go back and look at what they charge. You may go into shock, or be delightfully surprised.”
Trish Hadley

2. “Look for someone that meshes with your personality. When a client and I share much of the same personality and interests, the wedding day goes that much smoother, because it becomes a more intimate affair rather than just a business transaction. Meeting in person or even just on Skype is a great way to get a feel for the photographer.”  – Daniel Aaron Sprague

3. “Communicate your ideas and preferences to the photographer. Discuss portrait locations that are meaningful to you, such as your first-date restaurant, the park that he proposed in, or other memorable locales. Consider using meaningful props, such as an important letter from your fiancé or your wedding invitation. Be creative – have fun!” – Angelica Roberts

4. ” If possible, arrange to have your formal photos taken prior to the ceremony (often called a “first look”). Getting these out of the way early in the day frees up the rest of your time to spend with guests, and you can have peace of mind knowing that all of your formal photos are done! It’s a new age, so it’s no longer considered “bad luck” for the groom to see his bride before the wedding.” – Sean Michael

5. “Appoint a wrangler! Recruit somebody who knows a lot of people in the formal pictures to help gather others. Having them help and call out names can make that whole process go faster, so we can move on to more fun pictures or so you can get to the reception.” – Steve Hronek

6. “Have your maid of honor stick with you during your photo session, with a kit of touch up lipstick or gloss, blotting papers, and hairspray. This will assist you in getting the very best look throughout the day.” – Casie Raines

7. “Drink lots of water. Being dehydrated for a long time will show in your wedding photo expressions, so drinking water is the key to staying fresh all day long.” – Jozef Povazan

8. “If possible, change how you face when taking your vows by asking your minister to trade places with you. This way, your guests can see your faces. Your alter photos will be clear shots of the two of your without having to contend with a third person.” – Rachel Rausch

9. “Have a planned exit. Having an organized ‘send-off’ from the reception gives family and friends another opportunity to see the couple before they leave. Whether you have sparklers or just a line of well-wishers, it often makes for great photos.” – Rich Burkhart

10. “Breathe. Allow yourself to relax as much as you possibly can and try to enjoy yourself. It’s your wedding day, after all, and come what may, it will be absolutely beautiful, delightfully unique and completely yours.” – Kimberly Sauvageau

Brides, don’t miss out on a special bridal giveaway that SnapKnot is hosting now through April 15!

Photo credit: Daniel Aaron Sprague and Patrick Hadley Photography

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