Wedding Planning

Need a little help planning your wedding? Of course you do—you don’t have magic powers!

What if we told you there was a service that helps guide you through the process by delivering monthly boxes to your door that contain helpful products, tips and tricks? Well, it’s true.

This subscription service, called StudioWedBox, is the closest thing to having a wedding planner at your side. A StudioWedBox is packed with curated items that have been handpicked by a team of wedding planners. You choose a subscription based on your wedding date, so you’ll get just the things you need at each stage of planning. If your wedding is 12 months away, you’ll receive items that will help you from start to end!

The October box has a special something from us—our Wedding Suite handbook, complete with a checklist on shopping for a wedding dress. (One tip: Use our free Wedding Stylists, who can do so much of the work for you!) Plus, there’s a card featuring a watercolor of one of our exclusive Roses by Reem Acra gowns; it’s painted by an artist who can make a similar memento of your dress. What a fun keepsake!

If you’re not yet a bride-to-be, think about giving StudioWedBox as an engagement or bridal shower gift—a unique and super-helpful treat!

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Our love for shoes at Nordstrom is pretty well-known—and wedding shoes are one of our favorite topics! So we’re especially thrilled to announce a new shoe line in our Wedding Suites by event planner and designer extraordinaire, David Tutera.

With so much experience in the event industry, David was on our “must interview” list, and now we can pass along his ideas and advice to you!

The Wedding Suite: David, we’re excited get your expert advice on two major wedding topics: planning and fashion! You have designed amazing events for celebrities, charities, and of course, brides. And you’re in the 5th season of your hit show My Fair Wedding With David Tutera. Congrats! First, tell us how you got started in the industry.

David Tutera: I got started at the age of 19, when someone asked me to do a Bar Mitzvah for them. It was because I had a small singing telegram company and I decorated my store window differently every month. This woman came in and asked me to decorate for her son’s Bar Mitzvah ceremony in the same way I had decorated my window, so that was my introduction into the world of events. I had no knowledge, not even a clue that people spent a lot of money decorating for parties. This led to planning parties, which led to my career…and here I am, 26 years later, answering this question!

What is your favorite part of the event planning process?

David: I love the event planning process because I get a chance to take people’s direction, ideas and imagination and bring it to life. My job is bringing ideas to fruition and really turning a fantasy into a reality.

If you could offer our brides one piece of planning advice, what would it be?

David: The most important advice I have is to take a deep breath, step back, don’t overthink your decisions and really have a plan. I think nowadays, brides really don’t have plans. They’re so overwhelmed with information that they can end up making the wrong decisions.

If you take a step back and acknowledge the fact that you have a budget and make decisions based within those perimeters, you won’t be so stressed or feel disappointed. Do your homework, gather all of the information and plan.

David Tutera: The Big White Book of Weddings

Ok, now we have to get the scoop on the shoes! When you designed this line, were you thinking of a specific type of bride?

David: My first collection was specifically made to make my girls feel like they’re not just wearing bridal shoes down the aisle. All of the shoes can be worn long down the line. I think that’s what’s important; we get so caught up in the world of bridal fashion that it has such a short shelf life, and the cost spent on something can’t live beyond that one day. But now, brides can wear these shoes far beyond the wedding day.

I love when I see a bride kick her foot out when she’s sitting down or coming out of a car or walking down the aisle and you see a pop of color or a pattern; my shoes provide that. They’re fashion-forward as opposed to just bridal fashion.

David Tutera ‘Joy’ Sandal (also in black, lavender, and white)

Good line! We agree that they’re fashion-forward. Now, tell us about the special “something blue” detail on the shoes.

David: There is a genuine sapphire Swarovski crystal on the bottom of the sole of every shoe, and that is my “something blue” for each of my brides. So when you have to come up with your “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue”, I’ve already checked one thing off your list for you!

David Tutera ‘Sweetie’ Pump

What trends are you seeing in bridal footwear for this year?

David: I’m setting the trend and I’m seeing patterns, colors, florals, metallics, wedges, platforms, and higher heel heights. I think these trends are coming from the fact that these are fashion-forward, designer shoes and not just bridal footwear.

David Tutera ‘Cascade’ Pump

Do you have any advice on wedding attire overall?

David: The two most important things to keep in mind when it comes to wedding-day attire are comfort and understanding the right silhouette for your body type.

Another piece of advice regarding shoes: you can’t put your shoes on for the first time an hour before you walk down the aisle. You need to buy the shoes ahead of time, wear them around the house, break them in, so you know that you can walk in them for your wedding.

David Tutera ‘Vintage’ Pump

Good call, David!

Shop more wedding shoes for the bride and wedding party, and tell us about your favorites!

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