Walk with Confidence with High Heelers

We’ve all been there before: you bought brand-new heels for an event, you wear them for the first time outdoors and suddenly, you’re sinking, slipping or tripping with your heels stuck in grass or gravel. Don’t be that girl!

This is where High Heeler Heel Protectors step in (excuse the pun)! These handy little rubber heel tips are designed to fit and grip on most stilettos. They increase the surface area on the base of the heel, diffusing the pressure and preventing the heel from sinking into grass or falling into cracks—protecting both you and your shoe investment!


The flexible material is strong but doesn’t damage the heel. Plus, they’re discreet, in four colors to match your shoes: black, clear, gold and silver. You can easily throw them in your purse and put them on just when you need them.

Think about all the weddings you’ll be attending this summer—or maybe you want to protect your own wedding shoes! At only $10, High Heelers are a no-brainer if you want to keep those Manolos clean and your ankles safe.

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  • Christina June 26, 2013, 12:08 pm

    Love these things – had them at a wedding last month and just bought a bunch for my summer season of parties and what not! Love Nordstrom for alway finding the best stuff!!

  • High Heel Protectors December 11, 2013, 7:08 pm

    High Heel Protectors are a must have wedding accessory for any Bridal Party this Christmas. These stylish High Heel Protectors will ensure your bridal parties high heel shoes don’t get ruined or damaged when walking on grassy surfaces or gravel.

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