We’re Here to Tell You…It’s Okay

While your wedding is one of the happiest and most exciting days of your life, the truth is that it also comes with quite a bit of pressure! You want everything to be as you planned, but we’re here to tell you—sometimes things will go a little off course, and that’s okay. Whether it’s your schedule, your family dynamics or your emotions, you have to just roll with the punches.

We took an informal poll around the married ladies on our team to come up with a few of those things that they experienced on the big day. And they all say, it’s okay…

1. If your wedding dress gets a little dirty. That photo in the grass will be one of your faves!

via Kim Hayes Photography (ft. our marketing manager Brette!)

2. If Uncle Buck’s impromptu speech is going sideways. (“What he’s trying to say is love is blind…”) You’ve asked your mom to keep him in check, so leave it to her.

3. If all you want to do is spend some time alone before the big day. You’ve spent a ton of time with family and friends and definitely earned some “you time”. (Read: yoga, running, or yes, spa!)

via White Wave Dance

4. If you and your betrothed sneak away and hide for a bit. You might just need a break, and it’s nice to have a few private moments together amidst the craziness.

5. That you might feel awkward taking hundreds of photos in various poses with your spouse and friends. Unless you’re a full-time model, you’re not used to it!

6. If you cry the entire way down the aisle and through the ceremony. That’s what waterproof mascara is for.

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7. If you didn’t take dancing lessons. You can trot the funky chicken and still look amazing.

Herovia Jeff Newsom

8. If you don’t save the top of the wedding cake and freeze it to eat on your 1-year anniversary. Chances are it won’t be very tasty, so just eat it now!

9. To be slightly more excited about the honeymoon than the wedding, because honestly, who doesn’t want to spend some time off to celebrate?

via Four Seasons

10. To eat, drink and be merry during the rehearsal dinner and reception. This is the start to a new chapter and you should enjoy it however you please!

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